Wednesday, September 26, 2012

13.1 Miles

One of my New Years resolutions was to run a half marathon. In January, I started training. At the time I could run about 0.25 miles straight. After a few weeks, I worked my way up to a full mile, and I was probably at about a 13 min mile pace. Over the next few months, I increased my mileage and decreased my time until I ran a 10K in June in just over an hour. Each week, my time would drop and I would feel better and better. My original goal to run the half marathon was two and a half hours. But as my time started dropping, I changed my goal to two hours and twenty minutes.

But then a "little complication" came up. A little thing called pregnancy. For the first few weeks, nothing really changed and I was feeling really good. But then I started feeling really sick and the last thing I wanted to do was go running. On days that I was feeling good, I would run, but it took far more energy than normal. Instead of coming home and feeling great after a run, I would come home exhausted and barely able to function for the rest of the day.

Needless to say, it took a serious toll on my running. Instead of running 5-7 miles per day, I was only doing 2-3 miles once or twice a week.

The closer the race got, the more nervous I became. But even though I felt very unprepared, dropping out was not even an option. But I definitely needed to alter my goals a little bit. Instead of shooting for 2:20 finish time, my goal became simply to finish....without having to crawl over the finish line.

A week before the race, I did a long 7 mile run (without stopping to walk/take breaks). It took me about 1.5 hours. Somehow it made me feel slightly better about the race, but at the same time slightly worse. That was barely over half the distance and I felt like I could barely walk afterwards.

A girl in my ward was also running it, so we went together, We had to wake up by 5am to go catch the bus to the start line.
Keep in mind this is 5am. And yes, I look scary.
I was exactly 14 weeks pregnant.
The line was insanely long and we didn't get up the canyon until after 6:30am. And it was quite cold up there. You could tell who had experience running races by how creative and prepared some people were. Like several were smart and wore garbage bags to keep them warm, so when you got hot, you just took them off and threw it away (don't have to worry about losing nice clothes). Some wore socks over hands, and again just discard as needed.
The race started and I was feeling pretty good. I was happy for the cooler temperatues because I knew I would be sweating in no time. There were restrooms/water stops every 3 miles or so. I almost stopped at the first one, but made the mistake and decided to wait until the next one at mile 6. Well apparently so did EVERYONE else. There was a HUGE line and only 4 restrooms. But I didn't think I could go another 3 miles, so I jumped in line. No exaggeration, I waited about 13-15 minutes just to use the restroom! It was painful watching so many people pass while I was just standing there thinking about how much it time was passing.

About mile 8 I was really starting to feel it and had to start walking every once in a while. I tried to walk for 1 song (or less), then run for 3 songs straight. It helped, and somehow, I kept going. About mile 10, I was ready to die. My ankles hurt, my knees ached, and I wasn't sure I could take another step. I was so ready to just sit down and give up, but I didn't want to face everyone if I didn't finish. So I continued on. I was almost in tears for the last 2 miles, I was hurting so bad. And it hurt just as much to walk as it did to jog, so I tried to jog as much as possible to avoid prolonging the agony.

At last the finish line was in sight. It seemed like it took me forever to get to it, but I did. I was even able to push a little the last bit and make it just under 3 hours. My "official" finish time was 2:59, though I hate to admit that. I was tracking the whole thing on my phone also, and I paused it for that long wait for the bathroom. My phone said I finished that is what I am going by. It's not nearly as well as I wanted to do, but it's not terrible for being 14 weeks pregnant and having the last 2 months of training disrupted. Plus, it'll make it easier to beat next time, right?
But perhaps the very worst part of the entire thing was walking back to the car once the race was over. Lance had to park about a mile away (it was probably less, but seemed like 10 at the time) and my legs were not cooperating.

Unfortunately Lance didn't make in time for when I crossed the finish line. I don't think he was expecting how far away he would have to park. He got there shortly afterwards though. And he made up for it when we got home by having a bouquet of beautiful flowers waiting, plus he bought me a bike trailor!

It was a great experience and I am glad I did it. Yes, it was very difficult, but I set out to accomplish my goal and I did- I finished. I had some GU packs to eat throughout the race, but they were so gross I couldn't stand it. Next time, I need to find something to eat/drink throughout the race to restore my energy and keep me going better. Believe it or not, I do plan on running it again. But not while pregnant.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Big Brother in Training

That's right folks. This cute little guy is going to be a big brother!
Cause Baby Hinton #2 is on the way! And we couldn't be happier. Will is especially anxious for his sibling to arrive. He's been practicing how to be soft, give kisses, and all sorts of fun things.

We are due February 23rd, which puts me just over 18 weeks along.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Wheels

Lance and I are now proud owners of this:
Our only working car (the saturn) started making weird noises a few weeks ago. When I went to get the oil changed, I asked about it and was told that the engine was likely going out. Not knowing how soon that could happen, we decided we had better start looking for a new car.

After looking through every car lot in Cache Valley and scouring ksl trying to figure out which car to get, we decided on this. It is a 2010 Toyota Yaris. The original owners took excellent care of it and put very little miles on it. When we purchased it, it had less than 7200 miles.
I read reviews on many different cars, but the Yaris had the highest ratings, by far. There were VERY few complaints, while most people raved about how much they loved their car. They are reliable and get very good gas mileage.

There are a few small quirky things about the car that generated the most complaints. For example, the speedometer is located in the center of the dash. It takes a little getting used to, but it didn't bother us enough to deter us from it.
So far we are very happy with our purchase. It's nice knowing that we have a safe car that isn't going to break down on us in the middle of nowhere. (And even if it does, at least it has a warranty to cover it!)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Example of a Child

Many times when Will wakes up from his afternoon nap, he is extremely grumpy. This particular day was especially bad. He didn't want to be held, he didn't want to be put down, he refused to eat, nothing was even helping slightly. He was crying so hard that he was having trouble catching his breath, which is pretty unusual.

It had been "one of those" days. It seemed like the goal of the universe was to see how quickly we could get Bobbi into a straight jacket. And trust me, I was just about there. I was out of every motherly quality I  should possess and had turned into a short-tempered, mean person. And poor Will was bearing the brunt of my moodiness.

After ignoring his screaming for quite some time, I noticed that he was looking towards our Christus statue and reaching out for it. I decided to grab it down for him to see what he would do.
 I have NEVER seen such an immediate change come over someone. The second I put the statue of Christ next to Will, a huge smile lit up his face. He was so happy and excited to see Jesus.

He also loves to hug and and would carry it everywhere if I let him.

It was really touching and sweet to me to see how much he loved that statue. When he was upset and needing a friend, needing comfort, one of the first places he turned was to Christ.
In that moment, as I was watching Will get really excited and talking to the statue, it really hit me how much I am lacking and how much more I should be doing for my child. Having that image of Christ more visible really encouraged me to be more kind and patient with Will. I want to be more like Him. How would He have acted only minutes earlier while Will was throwing a fit and screaming uncontrollably. I'm not sure exactly, but I can guarantee you that he would have responded with LOVE. 

If someone were asked that same question about me, they would probably say something along the lines of: She would get upset, leave him alone crying, tell him to stop, ignore him, etc. But that is not how I want to be. And that is not how I want others to see me react in difficult situations.

I would want their answer to be the same. Bobbi would respond by showing love, doing service, or something along those lines. I want to be thought of as being patient (no matter what) and not letting anything let my temper loose.

Will can definitely be a little pill sometimes, and he loves pushing me as close to my limits as I can go. But when it comes right down to it, he is such a sweet little boy and has such an amazing capacity for love.

He deserves nothing but unconditional love in return. It is something I definitely need to improve on. When I get in those tough situations and I don't think I can take anymore, that is when I can follow the example of my boy and turn to my Father in Heaven. He will comfort me and help me through the difficult times.

Thank you for the reminder, Will.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Will was having fun playing with my flash. He would push it down after every picture I took. But then when I went to take a new picture, the flash would pop up and Will would make a face while anticipating the flash. Makes some pretty goofy expressions.