Wednesday, March 30, 2016

5 Months Old

Another month has passed and I swear I can't keep up. She gets bigger and squishier every day. She has changed our household for the better. 

Austin is at that point where everything goes straight into her mouth. She loves to chew on her two fingers, or anyone else's fingers. 

I still can't get her to take a binky. But I have learned that if you hand it to her, she will grab it and put it in her own mouth. She doesn't suck on it, but will sit there and chew on it. At times it seems like she might be teething, yet when I look at her gums they look normal.  

She spits up fairly often and its usually at that moment you are completely unprepared (such as when I am trying to get a video). Luckily, it's usually not very much, just some small dribbles. Though this means that one of us always has some sort of spit-up stain or wet mark on us. 

She is a really fast eater and often leaves me wondering if she got enough. But she continues to gain weight and is becoming our little chub. 
Austin has found her feet and when she is lying on her back she will often reach down and play with them. I haven't seen her try to eat her own toes yet, but I'm sure it'll happen one day. She has an easier time being able to grab them when she isn't wearing pants. 
Her hair is slowly starting to grow a little more. And she has that long little patch on top that sticks up no matter what I do. Even when she is in the bath, it seems to stay the very same. Perhaps in the future I'll even it all out, but for now I think it's cute.

Austin is really stable with holding her head and is starting to enjoying spending more and more time in her bumbo and jumper. 

She is most entertained by toys that make noise. Austin likes rattles, paper that she can crinkle, etc. She will sit anywhere much longer if you give her a toy to hold. The only problem is she drops it often and hasn't quite learned how to find it again, so I have to hand it to her constantly. 

Within the last month, I have really noticed her hand-eye coordination improving. She is reaching for toys, food, hair, etc. She loves to grab onto things, though once she has a hold of something you can bet it's going straight to her mouth. She also likes to play with any blanket that is over her, or pull on her dresses.

She has some of the brightest blue eyes I have ever seen. They are probably my very favorite feature of hers. Pictures really don't do them justice. She also has some beautiful eyelashes that become really visible when she is sleeping.

Another thing that I am still obsessed over is those chubby little cheeks. They get plenty of kisses all day long. I'm fairly certain that she anticipates my kisses since every time I pick her up she immediately turns her head to the side so I have perfect access to her cheeks. 

Blake still doesn't take too much interest in Austin. However, every once in a while, she will ask if she can hold her and give her hugs and kisses.  Even though she would rather be playing, I can tell how much Blake loves her sister. She does her best to help, but most of the time she tries to help it ends with Austin screaming. 

Will, on the other hand, is much more helpful and loves spending time with Austin. He loves to hold her, help her sit up, and his favorite thing is to make her laugh. And he is really good at it. Anytime she sees Will, her whole face lights up. You can already tell how much she adores her big brother. One day, Will was burping and it had her laughing so hard. Since then, almost every time Will sees her, he starts burping. And she laughs at him. It's one of my favorite sounds. 

I love watching them interact and see their love for one another.
I am in denial about just how big she is getting. I have several outfits that I have been given, but haven't used them yet because they are bigger sizes. I finally pulled some of them out, and I swear they barely fit! Each day I get her dressed, and all of her clothes are too small. I really need to put this size away and officially get the next sizes out. She can easily wear 6-9 month outfits and I wouldn't be surprised if some 12 month stuff fit as well.

If she isn't chewing on on fingers or a toy then she is sucking on her lower lip.
And if Austin is doing neither of those things, then it probably means that she has her tongue sticking out. She loves to just sit with her tongue hanging out a bit. 
We tried baby food for the first time and it was kind of a bust. She made faces and did not want anything near her mouth. She spit everything out, so I'm not sure if she even got anything. I've tried a couple of times since and haven't had any more luck. Maybe she just isn't ready. 
 She likes to be held and doesn't like to be told she needs to wait for food.
 "I don't want any more pictures, mommy!"
I can't believe the next post she will be 6 months old. Time is passing quickly and she just wont slow down! We sure love our little Austin Rose!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Fire Station Field Trip

Will's preschool took a field trip to the North Davis Fire Department. We watched a little video about fire safety. All of the kids got to practice how to stop, drop, and roll. And two of the teachers, as well as one of the students, got to try on the fire fighter equipment.

Then we got a tour of the fire station. We saw where the fire fighters slept, ate, worked out, etc. Afterwards, we got to go out and look at the fire trucks.

Both kids were pretty excited about the fire station, but I think Blake was even more excited and thrilled by everything than Will. She kept jumping up and down yelling for me to look at it all.
 They also let each kid have a turn spraying the fire hose.

Blake, Will, and Alexis

Monday, March 28, 2016

Trampoline Park

We went to a trampoline park with our neighbors across the street. The Willies moved in last fall, and have we have quickly become really good friends. They have 4 kids, similar ages to ours. It's nearly impossible for one of us to be outside without the other. It's been awesome to have friends so close and the kids have loved it.

There was a rock climbing wall and Will had always wanted to try one. He was a little bit scared his first attempt and didn't make it that far. Then he wanted to try it again and he almost made it to the very top.