August 8, 2009
Lance and I started our journey to forever in the Salt Lake Temple. The ceremony started at 1:30pm. I woke up between 7-8am to start getting ready. I had one friend working on my hair, and another one working on my make-up. They both did a fantastic job. The ceremony was beautiful and it was so great to be surrounded by family.
Coming out of the temple

I will have you know that after the ceremony, I beat Lance getting ready. Our dinner was planned at 4:30pm in Sandy, so I knew the pictures would be pretty rushed. I had my dress on and ready to go out of the temple in record time. My favorite moment of the entire day was when Lance turned the corner and saw me standing there in my dress. I had decided not to let him see it until that moment, and his expression was worth it. When we walked out of the temple, we were greeted by so many family and friends.

It was such a happy occasion.

When we came out of the temple, we were completely surrounded by family and friends. We then did a big group picture of everyone, individual families, and finally pictures of Lance and I. I was really worried about the weather the entire day. Originally I was worried that it was going to be way too hot for me and I would be sweating really bad in all the pictures. Then, it looked like it was going to rain, so I became nervous about that. But when we walked out of the temple, the weather was perfect. It was slightly over case, so it wasn't too hot, but we didn't see a drop of rain all day either. My friend told me that it had been raining at her house when she left and had been raining everywhere in the valley until she got to the temple. We were very blessed :)
The family dinner was schedule for 4:30pm at the reception center in Sandy, UT. That didn't leave us a really long time for pictures. Though we were a little rushed, we still had a lot of fun and we got some really great shots. My photographer was Mardel Photography. I did not get the prints from him, so all pictures posted are from my friend Elisa Posey. She followed us around and acted as a second photographer.

When we were done with pictures, we headed over to the reception center for the dinner. It was a really nice dinner for family and close friends. It was catered by Madeline's, and it was delicious. Once we were through eating, we mingled and visited with our guests, then we decided to cut the cake.

The reception was from 6:30-8:30pm. We stood in line most of the time greeting guests and thanking them for their support. The time flew by and soon it was time to leave.Towards the end, we tossed the bouquet and did our final visits.

We changed out of our wedding attire and got out to our car only to find it covered in cream, balloons, streamers, etc. It was difficult to see and drive, so we had to take it through a car wash before we could drive very far. Luckily there was one just around the corner.

Our wedding couldn't have gone any better. There were so much potential for problems, yet there were none, and I am very grateful for that. It was so beautiful and we had so much support from everyone.