Thursday, October 6, 2016

10 Months Old

10 Months Old

Austin is officially crawling all over the place and is starting to get into everything.  Once she got the hang out it, it didn't take her long to discover how great being mobile is. She doesn't stay in one place for very long.
I actually wasn't even aware that she could crawl. No exaggeration, she was stationary one day and suddenly moving everywhere the next. I sat her down in the middle of our living room upstairs and went downstairs to do a couple of things. Next thing I know, I hear some thumps down the stairs followed by her screaming. Unbeknownst to me, she could crawl and had taken a little tumble down the stairs. She was a little shaken up, but sustained no injuries.

Austin is super fascinated with Blake's glasses and is constantly grabbing at them. She finally succeeded and got a hold of them.
Blake was screaming and super upset about her glasses...meanwhile Austin sat there like this:

She has thoroughly enjoyed all of the grapes we get from our garden.

Her hair continues to grow and is coming in thicker and getting longer each month. She has started pulling off her headbands and will not keep them in her hair, so I have started doing pony tails more often.

She generally takes a shorter nap in the morning, and then a longer nap in the afternoon. She is very easy to put down for naps. Basically I just lay her down in her crib, throw a blanket over her and walk out. If we are somewhere else, I can lay her down on the floor in a bedroom and walk away. As long as she is somewhat undisturbed and can't see anyone, she will usually fall asleep. She refuses to fall asleep if I am holding her or in the same room. This makes 1 pm church very difficult. There was one Sunday where I went into the mother's lounge, set her down on the floor behind a chair where she couldn't see me, and sat there while she fell asleep.

Austin still shoves her blanket in her mouth when I put her down to sleep. Sometimes I find her sleeping with it still in her mouth. I have to be careful when taking pictures, cause the flash will wake her up.

That nap was good while it lasted. 

Even though she is a great napper and is easy to get to sleep, she wont stay asleep for very long. She has yet to sleep through the night, though we seem to be making a little bit of progress. Waking up about 2 times a night is considered a good night for Austin. Some nights, she is still up 3-4 times. While I'm anxious for the day when I'll finally get some uninterrupted sleep, I'm aware that at least I am blessed that she eats so quickly and is back to sleep in no time. From the time I hear her crying to me crawling back into bed, it's usually only about 10 minutes. It could be so much worse.

Austin has advanced to the "big girl" bath time and now enjoys taking baths with Blake. She loves bath time and if she hears the water turn on, she'll immediately head over and wait for you to put her in.
She loves food. Since she didn't do baby food, we have pretty much given her anything and everything. She likes vegetables, bananas, noodles, chicken nuggets, eggs, and of course, anything with sugar.

When her momma is around, she expects mom to hold her. She doesn't like it when mom just sits there and doesn't pick her up.

Besides her table food, she is still exclusively nursing. Though I have been trying to get her more familiar with a bottle so we can maybe start to wean within the next few months. 
One of her favorite toys is the remote controls. She loves to drive her family crazy by constantly finding them, pushing buttons, and changing the channels.
One day after church, she managed to get hold of an oreo. You can tell from the picture just how much she enjoyed it.

Her top two teeth finally came in this month. She plays with them a lot and often has her tongue hanging out. Her bottom two teeth showed up around the same time. 

She loves being outside and watching the kids play.
Austin didn't spend nearly as much time in our pool as the other kids, but she was in it a fair amount. She didn't really like being in the floatie as much, but she loves being held in the water and being able to kick her feet. 
It's always easier to capture photos of babies because they can't move. It'll be interesting to see how that changes now that she is mobile. Until now, she has been pretty good at sitting still and letting me take pictures.

Austin has learned how to say hi and wave. Her favorite people to wave to are Will and Daddy.

She also really enjoys playing peek a boo. She will cover her own face, or sometimes she will even cover someone else face. 

Austin really is a beautiful little girl. Her hair and eyes attract a lot of attention, especially when we are grocery shopping.  
 She is a goofy girl with a big personality. She is growing quickly and it has been a lot of fun to watch her personality develop and see who she really is.
To say I am a bit obsessed with this squishy little face is an understatement. I just adore her and all of the joy that she brings to our family. We love you, Austin.

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