Thursday, August 25, 2016

9 Months Old

9 Months Old

Time sure is passing quickly and Austin has hit her 9 month mark. I've misplaced all of our papers from the doctor so I wont be able to record her stats. She is growing great and there are no concerns. She is looking really well and thriving.

She still doesn't want to crawl, but she is getting awfully close and is starting to pull herself up to things. What better way to motivate someone than oreos.

Austin loves peas, carrots, noodles, yogurt, chicken, crackers, and pretty much any other food you give her. But her favorites seem to be melons - watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, etc. When she had watermelon for the first time, she pretty much devoured the entire bowl and was still looking for more.

Usually when I put her down, she will start to whine for a few minutes. If you wait a little bit, it generally stops and she will be content. But most people think they need to pick her back up right away and don't give her time to settle down. 

Her hair always seems to be sticking straight up and out of control. Even when it's wet or brushed down, it doesn't stay down for very long. 

When she is done eating or finds something she doesn't like, she will throw it on the floor or hide it in her lap. There is a hole in the tray of her high chair, and she has started shoving her food down the hole (which just drops onto the floor) when she is done.

She still enjoys chewing on a dirty pair of flip flops. Whatever keeps her happy. I'm obviously not too concerned about germs. 

Austin has some pretty good facial expressions and is always good at making a decent face for me.

She likes to drink water and milk from a straw. She is also getting better at holding a bottle or sippy cup, but a straw seems to be the easiest for her.
She had her first taste of ice cream and was super excited about it. She consumed a small cone all by herself very quickly. We were outside and I kept looking on the ground to see where she had dropped it, but we couldn't find it anywhere because she had eaten it all. She is Lance's kid after all.

Austin loves barbies, dolls, and stuff animals. When she sees one, she gets really excited and kicks her legs.
The kids like to try to get her to play their games with them. Sometimes she will go along with and and be happy to watch them run around. Other times, she isn't too thrilled with the idea.

She continues to have her tongue out most of the time, as evidence by all of the pictures.

Austin knows it is nap time when we walk into her room. She starts squirming and cries as you get closer to her crib. Once you lay her down and put a blanket over her, she will shove the blanket into her mouth and be asleep within minutes.

She still wakes up several times during the night and takes a couple naps throughout the day. I was going to start sleep training a little more, but at her doctor appointment, I was told she had a slight ear infection and that maybe it was why she wasn't sleeping very good. We got some antibiotics to give her, then we will try to crack down on sleep training here in a little bit once she is feeling a little better.
She makes the saddest little faces when she cries. She just looks at me like, why are you just sitting there staring at me. Why are you not picking me up.

Austin loves her mommy and does not like when I walk out of the room, or do anything for that matter. It can make things challenging, but you do what you have to do.
These pictures are all very similar, but I love her different facial expression in each of them and I had to share them all. 


I especially love when she gives me some of her big smiles. She gets so excited! 
 Where her hair isn't super crazy, sometimes I'll put a little pony tail or two into it.   

 She always has something in her mouth, whether it's her fingers, blanket, or food.
I can tell as Austin becomes more and more mobile that she is going to be quite the handful. She is already getting into things and making messes, and I know that this is just the beginning.
I am still constantly stopped by strangers commenting on her bright eyes or how cute she is. I can't say that I disagree! Goodness, she is beautiful and we just love her! 

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