Sunday, August 21, 2016

Another Weekend at the Dunes

We had such a good time at the dunes the first time that we went back again the very next weekend. Quinn was out of town, so my dad decided to do a short trip to the dunes and invited us along. We debated whether to go up and back on Saturday, but once he said he was grilling steaks Friday night, we were there. Just shows how good his steaks are!

My dad recently got a new motor home and allowed us to spend the night in it so we didn't have to pack all of our things. It made the trip much easier and it was nice not having to pack all of our camping stuff. Donny rode with my dad, and Cindy and Josh ended up showing up too. I kind of felt bad since we were the only ones who brought kids, but they were really good and we all still had a good time.
Donny had his side-by-side and let us take it for a drive. Like the last time, Will couldn't get enough and would never turn down a ride. It was fun to have the side-by-side so we could all go for a ride together instead of just a four wheeler.

As my luck would have it, one time we were coming down a large hill we heard some grinding and a loud bang. Turns out the belt had broken. We pushed it a ways until we got it towed back to camp. I swear everything always breaks when I am driving it. But this time really wasn't my least I don't think it was my fault. 
Austin was so good again and enjoyed taking naps in the RV away from too much noise and out of the heat. She would shove the blanket into her mouth and fall right asleep. 

Will's new favorite thing is riding in my dad's buggy. This kid is fearless. Always, "Go faster, Grandpa. Jump higher, Grandpa. Go up the big hill. Grandpa, do a wheelie." 

It was my first time on the new buggy also. And while it was a ton of fun, it was almost just as fun to watch Will's face during the whole thing. His smile never left. (Unless Grandpa wasn't going fast enough, of course.)

He especially loved having the head sets and being able to talk to each other during the ride. And he never stopped talking. He felt the need to talk about anything and everything.

 My dad took us on some great rides and we really had a lot of fun.
Lance, my dad, and the kids went to bed and the rest of us stayed up to party. We all piled into the side-by-side and Donny took us for a crazy ride. It can be pretty scary to ride at night because you can only see a few feet in front of you. Donny was going full speed anyways. I was hanging on tight for a bit, then relaxed and just enjoyed the ride. When we got to Spider Tree, it was about 2am. I love this picture and being with these crazy people. 

And true to dunes fashion, at least a portion of the trip included sleeping . Blake sat down with grandpa for a minute, and suddenly both of them were asleep. It was pretty adorable to see. 

My dad's big buggy was a little too loud and scary for Blake. She didn't really like it. However, she loved Donny's "little black buggy". Though unfortunately she didn't realize how much she loved it until shortly before the belt broke. So she didn't get to ride it as much as she wanted. She did enjoy the four-wheeler more this time around and wanted a lot of rides.

We hadn't been to the dunes in years, so it was a lot of fun going two weekends in a row. It reminded me a lot of my childhood and it made me itch to get our own four-wheeler. We seriously looked into it, but decided it probably wasn't something we should do this year, for financial reasons. Guess we will have to keep crashing other people's trips and borrowing their things. ;)

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