Thursday, August 18, 2016

8 Months Old

I've gotten so far behind on my posts that I am having trouble remembering which month different things happened. Looks like it'll mostly be pictures with a few updates that I remember.

Austin was not interested in baby food so we skipped right to normal food. And she sure has enjoyed trying new things. So far, we haven't really found much that she wont eat. She loves vegetables, noodles, crackers, bananas, yogurt, etc. 

Austin enjoys sitting in her jumper and watching the kids run around. Sometimes she cries immediately when you put her in, and it is tempting to get her back out, but if you wait a few minutes she is having a ball.

One thing I have found both amusing and obnoxious is that when she is done eating something or when she doesn't want any more, she will throw it on the floor or hide it under the tray. I will think she has eaten so much food, but when I go to take her out there is food smashed under her.
Her sleeping at night has improved a little bit. She still gets up 2-3 times a night, usually in the earlier part of the night then sleeps a longer stretch into the morning.
She generally takes two naps during the day. Sometimes we are able to squeeze a short third one in there, but that doesn't happen consistently. She wakes up for a few hours, takes a shorter nap, eats lunch and plays for a while, then takes a longer nap.
Austin is used to being outside and has spent her fair share of time in her swimming suit. 

She enjoys being outside with us and getting her hands on anything she can find.

She also has this weird obsession with shoes. Isn't she a little young for that? Her favorites are flip flops. Whenever I wear them around her, she always grabs for them and wants to chew on them. She likes to play with the laces on tennis shoes and really just play with any shoe available. Apparently they make a great toy.
Austin also got her ears pierced this month. She screamed so hard and looked at me like, "What did you let them do to me?" But it was over soon and she hasn't touched or noticed them since. 

She is definitely one of those kids that anything and everything goes straight to her mouth. It doesn't matter if she is hungry or full, she couldn't possible consider playing with something unless she has tasted it first.
I love watching her when she is by a mirror. She always tries to touch the "other baby" and doesn't quite know what to think. It is especially great when I am holding her. Austin will look in the mirror and see me and get really excited. But then she will turn to look and me and get excited and confused. She keeps looking back and forth between the two of me.
I have been trying to get Austin to start taking bottles. She will not drink formula. I think she really dislikes the taste. But she is will drink a little bit of water or regular milk. Since she hasn't used a bottle, she doesn't really know how to hold it herself yet.

Austin likes music, whether it's a radio playing, one of the kids singing, or playing the piano.

She's got some chunky thighs and some super squishy cheeks. I'm pretty sure I've never picked her up without kissing those cheeks. 
Even her little wrist has a slight roll.
It might have something to do with wanting to eat all of the time. She likes her food.
She also really loves bath time. She kind of liked this chair that attaches to the tub, but she seems to prefer shallow water and laying down. As she gets better at sitting up, I think she'll enjoy bath time even more. 
Austin is much more stable sitting up and reaching for things, yet she doesn't seem close to crawling at all. And I'm more than ok with that. I love being able to sit her down anywhere and not have to worry about her moving around. 
She does well with other people holding her or watching her, but she is definitely excited when she sees her mom and prefers her mommy to hold her. 
What else can I say...she's a cutie and we just love her to pieces!

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  1. Love reading your blog and adventures of your family. Think you were a smart mommy getting her ears pierced now when mommy can care for them, plus she looks so darn cute with little earrings. Doing it now is better because there is minimal discomfort if any.

    Honestly, until recently I hadn't even considered having her ears pierced. Around six months someone asked me what my plan was and my basic response was, "oh wait! It's a GIRL! I can pierce her eeeaarrrss!!!" So we talked to the pediatrician (because that's how I roll) and she gave the ole thumbs up and she encouraged me to do it now when mommy could care for them. In fact, she had so many moms ask her about it, she gave me a sheet with " Tips and Care for moms having their daughter's ears pierced."

    Your daughter is soO adorable with those cute little earrings. Promise in her pictures, she is saying "thank you" for the "gift of pierced ears." You were wise doing them now when she can't remember having it done. I know her sweet mommy will be taking good care of her adorable little newly pierced ears so she can grow up pretty like her mom.

    Don't feel bad if she was startled, its over and no worse than her shots. She is adorable and saying in those cute pictures, "Thank you mom for giving me the gift of pierced ears so I can look girlie-girl. Some say to wait till their older, which is okay too. Would be happy to share our ped's tips with any moms who want their little girls to look pretty as a princess.