Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our New Hobby

Lance next to our bikes
A couple of months ago I went mountain biking with my old roommate up Green Canyon. All it took was the one time for me to realize I was addicted. I started looking for a good bike to buy that same night. I never realized how expensive bikes can be until now. Lance and I rented two mountain bikes from Aggie Blue Bikes and I took him to the Green Canyon trail. He agreed with me...mountain biking is AWESOME! We decided that it was a good activity that we could start doing together. Luckily, Lance's parents are letting us borrow a bike; however, one bike makes it difficult to do anything together. A few days ago, I really wanted to go for a bike ride, just around the neighborhood. So without thinking twice, we went and bought us a new mountain bike from Wal Mart. I originally was totally opposed to getting a bike from there, but we decided that we just need something that works and will get us around, not something incredible. We're not exactly hard core bikers...yet, so we didn't feel the need to spend too much dough. We haven't had a chance to take them on a real trail yet, mostly because we need to acquire a bike rack first. Hopefully we can get that soon.
Lance on the new bike

On a different note, the USU-BYU football game is tomorrow night. Lance and I both have the night off and will definitely be attending and cheering our team on. Based on what I've seen of BYU this year, I think we have a decent chance of winning. We're both excited and anxious to see what happens. GO AGGIES!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Beginning of the End

Here is a more recent photo of the two of us.

     School has officially started and is in full swing. Lance even had his first exam this morning. It is crazy how much busier school makes our lives. It is an exciting and weird time for me. I am graduating from college in December! This is my LAST semester in college. As of right now, I wont be doing any sort of grad school, so this could be it. I am excited to be finished with exams, homework, staying up late to write papers, waking up early for class, and all the not-so-great things associated with classes. I am excited to get my diploma and be able to say, "I did it! I finished." I am not so excited to leave the student life behind. I will deeply miss the basketball games, football games, and all other student activities. It will be sad to slowly see my close group of friends spread out and go their separate ways. Our friendships will last, but it will be hard to be as close as we once were. I will miss the excitement of a new semester, and the relief when finals week is finally over. I'm scared to face the "real world", especially since I'm not entirely sure what the plan is. Basically, work somewhere while Lance finishes school, then let him do all the working. Sounds good, eh?
     So our lives are pretty hectic right now, and it seems like we just go from one thing to the next, never having any sort of break. I guess it's good to be busy, however it is very exhausting. So here is a schedule of what one of our typical weeks might look like.

School Schedules:

I have a 9:30 class on M,W,F. Plus a 11:30 bowling class at 11:30 on M & W. Lance has only one class at 11:30 M,W,F. I have a 7:30am lab Tuesday morning, then a 9:00am class and a 10:30am class. Lance's Tuesday/Thursday schedule is not very nice. He has a class at 7:30, 10:30, 1:00, and 3:00. The breaks are nice for homework, but also make for a really long day. He usually comes home around 12pm for a quick lunch, then heads back to class.

Work Schedules:

     I am schedule to work 37 hours a week with Chrysalis. I work three graves a week, one Tuesday night, one Friday night, and one Saturday night. The rest of the shifts are usually from 7-11pm or 3-11 pm. I have also been working at an after school club from 3-5:30pm M-F. I was planning on working there for a while, but with school and Chrysalis, I decided it was a bit too much, so I will only be working there until a replacement can be found. Lance has been working around 30 hours a week at Wal-Mart, but he is going to drop down closer to 25 for the semester. He typically works from 3-11pm or 7-11 pm every day, except 2-3 days off during the week. Because I work graves, this often causes us to be on completely opposite schedules, and we usually miss eachother. He will get off work at 11pm, and I will go into work at 11pm. No fun!

     We are very busy and don't see eachother nearly as much as we would like, but it helps us enjoy the time that we do have together. We both made an effort to have Sunday's off, so at least we get that day to spend together. We are still loving our new apartment and we are excited for this next year.

Random story: After my bowling class on Monday, my instructor pulled me aside the class and told me that I should consider joining the bowling club, and possibly even compete with them. He said they are traveling to Vegas in a few weeks and travel between 3-5 times a semester to different tournaments. Didn't expect that to happen! Weird. I'm not a horrible bowler, but I wouldn't say I'm good either. Must just see potential, I guess. Haha. Part of me really wants to do it, and there is a chance I'll at least go to practice. It's a bit pricey to compete, so I'm not sure about that yet. But doesn't it sound like fun?