Sunday, August 9, 2015

6 Years

Lance and I had our six year anniversary yesterday. A lot has happened in the last six years; I don't think either one of us would have predicted we would be where we are right now.

Here are some of the major things that have happened in the last six years:

-Bobbi graduated from Utah State with a degree in Exercise Science.

-We moved to our second apartment.
-We went to Vegas.

-William Scott was born. (April 2011)

-We left Will with my mom and brother and spent 7 days in Hawaii.

-One of our cars died completely, so we bought an almost brand new car (2010 Toyota Yaris).

-We were on a waiting list for over a year for some low-income housing and finally got in.
-Bobbi started working out and running in different races. I have run a 10k and two half marathons.

-Blake Nicole was born.

-Bobbi quit working to stay home full time with the kids. 

-Lance graduated from Utah State with a degree in Psychology. 

-Lance accepted a job at Deseret Industries in Centerville.
-We left Logan and moved to our 4th apartment in Kaysville.
-Lance's brother, David, passed away.
-After only a few months in Kaysville, we bought a house and moved to Syracuse.

-Lance started a Master's program, but decided it wasn't the right program for him.

-Our other car died and we bought a second car (2007 Mazda 5).

-We had season passes to Lagoon.

-Lance quit working at the DI and switched to Enterprise Car Rentals.
-We found out we were expecting our third baby.

-Baby #3 is a girl.
-Lance transferred over to the truck department at Enterprise Car Rentals and commutes to West Valley each day.

-We have had a lot of adventures and have been able to try many new things. 

-We have grown a lot, and we have all changed.

Happy 6 Year Anniversary!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Random Pictures

It probably comes as no surprise that I tend to take quite a few pictures. Granted, there are days/weeks where I suddenly realize I haven't taken a picture in "ages". And most of those pictures never get posted or seen by anyone except me. So here are a few of the random pictures I have taken over the past month or so. 

Meal time is one of the only times I can seem to get a picture of them sitting still together. 

We went to 7 Peaks (Raging Waters) a few weeks ago. The weather wasn't great and eventually it was a crazy down-pour. It was seriously crazy. Our car was parked forever away so we tried to wait it out. Eventually we just crammed into my sister's car and got a ride to our car.

Every night before Will goes to bed, I try to convince him not to wake up early and to let me sleep in. I tell him not to come downstairs and get me until at least 7am. Well, one morning I heard him and Blake awake. When I went upstairs, Will was washing some dishes so they would have clean bowls for their breakfast. Then get proceeded to pour him and Blake a bowl of cereal.

Will tripped and hit his face on the sidewalk.

While we waited for our car to get fixed, Blake enjoyed looking at a motorcycle magazine.
Apparently she has a thing for motorcycles. 
Not quite two weeks ago, we were doing some yard work. I was doing some edging with the weed wacker while Lance mowed the lawn. About half way through the job, I somehow forgot to move my foot and the weed wacker got me. It hurt. Like bad. 

After a few minutes wincing, I decided to finish up the yard. Then I went inside to wash it off and look at it. Don't worry, I didn't learn my lesson. I'm sure I'll still be wearing flip-flops next time. ;) 

Everyone thinks their own kids are cute, I know. But Will is such a handsome stud. Sometimes I just stare at him, amazed by how cute he is. 
Though his smiles can be a little crazy sometimes. 

Sunday Selfie!
 I told Will to get some shoes on so we could go to the grocery store. He came out thrilled to be wearing tall socks. And off we went to the store. 

 I was excited about this new vest I got for Blake. 

Once we got our train table in our room, Will wanted to build a huge track. Not on the table. We used all of our ramps to build the track from the floor to the table. He loved it, though it didn't last long. 
 On a Saturday that Lance worked, we decided that he would take the car with carseats to work, and we would ride the train down to West Valley where he could pick us up. 
 As usual, Will loves riding the FrontRunner and he was thrilled we actually stayed on for a while instead of getting off at the next stop like we usually do. 
  Will and Blake like to wear their "bellies" some days. 

 When people ask me how these two get along, I'm always unsure how to answer. Sometimes I feel like all they do is yell and make each other cry. But then when I really think about it, I do think that they get along more than not. They really do love each other. 

 A few hours after I put Blake down for bed, I went upstairs to get a drink and found her asleep at the top of the stairs. I put her back into her bed and went to sleep. 
 The next morning, Lance sent me this picture and said he found her asleep in the hall when he woke up for work. 

They love to play dress up. 
 This is a favorite spot of the kids. They think they are monkeys and constantly climb on the rail and make monkey sounds. 
 They also like to build "houses" on our couch out of the pillows. 
They sure make our lives interesting!