Sunday, August 9, 2015

6 Years

Lance and I had our six year anniversary yesterday. A lot has happened in the last six years; I don't think either one of us would have predicted we would be where we are right now.

Here are some of the major things that have happened in the last six years:

-Bobbi graduated from Utah State with a degree in Exercise Science.

-We moved to our second apartment.
-We went to Vegas.

-William Scott was born. (April 2011)

-We left Will with my mom and brother and spent 7 days in Hawaii.

-One of our cars died completely, so we bought an almost brand new car (2010 Toyota Yaris).

-We were on a waiting list for over a year for some low-income housing and finally got in.
-Bobbi started working out and running in different races. I have run a 10k and two half marathons.

-Blake Nicole was born.

-Bobbi quit working to stay home full time with the kids. 

-Lance graduated from Utah State with a degree in Psychology. 

-Lance accepted a job at Deseret Industries in Centerville.
-We left Logan and moved to our 4th apartment in Kaysville.
-Lance's brother, David, passed away.
-After only a few months in Kaysville, we bought a house and moved to Syracuse.

-Lance started a Master's program, but decided it wasn't the right program for him.

-Our other car died and we bought a second car (2007 Mazda 5).

-We had season passes to Lagoon.

-Lance quit working at the DI and switched to Enterprise Car Rentals.
-We found out we were expecting our third baby.

-Baby #3 is a girl.
-Lance transferred over to the truck department at Enterprise Car Rentals and commutes to West Valley each day.

-We have had a lot of adventures and have been able to try many new things. 

-We have grown a lot, and we have all changed.

Happy 6 Year Anniversary!

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