Wednesday, May 14, 2014

3 Years Old

Is this kid seriously only three?! Every day, he blows me away with the things he does and says. Sometimes I forget that he is only three years old. He is one of the smartest, funniest, and most handsome three year olds ever.

I am constantly shaking my head, wondering where he comes up with some things. I wish I kept track of all the funny things he has said or done in a little notebook. But here are some things about him that I do remember:
Will has always loved the frozen vegetable medley. Then one day we were out and only had frozen peas. Ever since that day, every time I ask him what he would like to eat, he says peas. Just peas. Would you like some chicken and peas? Or a sandwhich and peas? No. Just peas.
Sometimes we have to use his vegetables as threats. No you can not have any more peas until you have...weird, I know.

But don't be fooled, this kid loves chocolate and treats just as much as the rest of us. 
When we make noodles, which is frequently at our house, Will always asks if he can help. I fill up cups of water and he pours them into the pan. Afterwards he helps pour the noodles in, then helps to stir.

One of his favorite things to do is play with my phone. And boy does he know how to navigate it. He'll go from game to game, then to netflix to watch a movie, back to a game, then he'll be on YouTube watching videos of trains.

Yes, he watches videos of trains on YouTube. Those random videos that just show real trains chugging down the boring. But he loves them. He also loves watching videos of other kids playing with their toy trains.

Did I mention this kid is a bit weird?
To say that he is obsessed with trains is the understatement of the year. He lives, eats, breathes trains. He plays with trains all day, watches videos of trains, and every time he hears a whistle, he talks about the train. He asks to go ride the train at least 2-3 times a day.
Will is quite the climber and is always trying to find new ways to be crazy.
We took him to ride the Front Runner and he has begged to go back every single day. I wish it were cheaper so we could just do little rides all the time.
While we were on the front runner, he would repeat everything that was announced over the intercom. "Next stop is Layton Station". "Please keep the aisles clear."

He throws a fit if we don't read stories and sing songs before bedtime. He has several books that are his favorite. He can pretty much recite them word for word.
One of his favorite things to do is make up songs. It usually involves a monkey riding a train, riding a fire truck, climbing on the house, etc. You name it, we have sung about a monkey doing it.

He has a great imagination. I will constantly find him playing and talking to his trains or toys. Sometimes when they are naughty, he makes them sit in the corner.
Lately, we have been trying to focus a little more of our time with family home evening or just teaching the kids about Jesus. We have a stack of pictures and we go through a few of them and explain the story. Will absolutely loves it. He loves the picture of Shadrak Mesach, and Abed-Nego in the fire. He always talks about Jesus in the fire and how they need to get out. He also likes the picture of Jesus walking on water having his hand out to Peter who is sinking.

Here are a few more funny things that Will has said:

"I chased Jesus out of the house with a sword because Jesus needs to play outside."
"Jesus needs to help me build my train tracks. He's my best friend."
"Mommy, if you need to go potty, get out of bed and go potty. Don't wet your pants. You don't want to have an accident."

I was talking to Will about how Jesus is up in the sky. He said, "Yup, Jesus is in the airplane!"

While looking at a picture of the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's buring their weapons, Will declared that they were digging to build a train track. Not quite.

When I asked Will what we should do tonight, he said "Go to the temple". He absolutely loves temples and loves to point them out as we drive past. Though he tries to insist that every church house is a temple.
This kid can have quite the temper. Beware of making him angry.
When we first started looking at pictures, we pulled out the picture of Joseph Smith when Christ and Heavenly Father appeared to him. Will looked at the picture, pointed to Jesus and said, "There's Grandpa!"

Sometimes when Will is being mean to Blake we try to explain that Jesus wants him to be a good boy and that it makes Jesus sad when we aren't nice to our sisters. Then when he is being nice, we explain that Jesus is so happy and proud that he was being such a good boy.
So yesterday when I did something that made Blake cry, Will told me that I was being naughty and that I made Jesus sad.
Some of his favorite movies are : Frozen, Tangled, Madagascar 3, and of course the Polar Express.
He knows most of the songs from Frozen and can sing along to several of them. There has been a time or two when he suddenly burst out into song while we were in the car. It was adorable.
Will is definitely a mimicker. He loves to be doing whatever we are doing. If we are working in the garden, he insists on being right there with his shovel and rake helping along. We couldn't even plant seeds without him wanting to put a seed or two in. He loves helping and feeling like he is part of things.

He is very independent. He likes to get his own bowl, pour his cereal, and pour the milk by himself. He gets upset when I try to do it for him.

He loves being outside, riding his bike, jumping on the trampoline, or just running around.

He also loves going to the parks with sand so he can dig holes, build sand castles, or get buried.

He is enjoying Blake a little more now that she is a bit bigger. When he is jumping on the trampoline, he wants her up with him. Though that may be because he thinks it's hilarious to bounce her. He also likes to push her around the yard on the little four-wheeler. But he becomes an angry hulk when she gets anywhere near his train however.

For a long time, Will would only wear pajamas. The only way I could get him dressed was to tell him that he couldn't leave the house until he was in normal clothes. That would work, but the second we got home, he would be back in his jammies before I could get inside. And he would grab new clothes and jammies every time we left the house. Huge mess and too much laundry. I finally had to put all of his jammies out of reach and told him and he needed to get dressed every morning. It was working alright until he found his Spiderman costume a few days ago. Since then, he has worn that and nothing else. As a parent, you really have to pick your battles. When I'm home, it's not worth the fight just to have him dressed in normal clothes so I usually let him wear what he wants.

When you tell Will that you love him, he says, "I love you too" or "I love you more".
He has a great memory and he doesn't forget things easily. You can't tell him that you will take him to the park tomorrow unless you mean it.
Every time we drive pass Carl's Jr., he asks to play at the star.

One day, I walked into the bathroom for a nice surprise. Will had climbed onto the counter and was doing his business in the sink!
He's very adventurous and will try anything if you show him first.

When you tell Will to come here, he usually jumps on you or jumps and expects to be caught.

He prays in third person and says thanks for mommy, daddy, Will, and Blake.
I make him enunciate words and often have him repeat words back to me that he isn't pronouncing correctly. A few times, he has done the same to me. He'll tell me to say a word and if I say it right, he'll clap and tell me I did a good job.
Every once in a while, we'll get some really awesome pictures that will be great for blackmailing later on.
We like to tease each other. Will often calls mommy a turkey mommy, goober mommy, or poop monster mommy.
Will has several friends in the neighborhood, but one of his best friends is probably Alexis. 
He insists on buckling himself up in the car. If you try to help, he screams, "Let me do it! Let me do it!"

Will doesn't like getting his hair cut. It always takes a while, especially when I do it, and he hates when the hair gets all over him.
Everyone in nursery loves him. I've been told my several people that he is a favorite.
For a long time, he was waking up between 6-6:30a, so I had to tell him that he wasn't allowed to get out of bed until the sun was up. Every morning he comes barging into my room yelling how it is time to wake up because the sun is up.
He is constantly singing, telling me stories, but if I ask him to do it for someone else, he wont.
He sings "hot dog" songs from Mickey Mouse Club House while jumping on the trampoline.

Another of Will's favorite things to help us build really big towers with his Legos.
He likes doing flips on the trampoline. He also likes going down slides backwards head first.

Will loves spinning and seems to hardly get dizzy. He will spin forever.

Almost every time I use the restroom, Will opens the door, tells me I need to lock it, locks the door, then is out within 10 seconds. I am learning to lock the door.

You can just tell Will enjoys life. He is a just a very happy kid. He definitely has his moments that make me want to pull out all of my hair, but more often than not, I can't get over how cute he is and just want to hug him. I think I could go  on forever about all of the cute things he says and does, so I think I'll call it good for now.

Happy Birthday, Will. We sure love you.

**I have several more videos of him that I wanted to add, but it takes forever to compress them and get them loaded on here. So I think I will just add them to a separate post.**

Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Mom

My mom... wonderful. constantly putting others needs before her own.

...has always been there for me.

...taught me everything I know.


I will never be able to repay you for all that you have done for me. You give so much of yourself to every person you meet, but especially to your family. You have sacrificed sleep so that you could work during the night and be home with us during the day. You have worn the same clothes for years, so I could dress in the latest trends. You never asked me to quit playing soccer, even though it would have eased your financial burden greatly. You have often sacrificed your own happiness for those around you.

You have taught me so much. You taught me skills such as sewing and cooking. You have taught me so much about how to be a mother. Whenever I have a question about anything, you are the first person I think to ask. I'm not sure what I would do without you.

I love you so much.

I wish I could share this in person, but I guess this will have to do. I heard this song for the first time two days ago and decided I wanted to sing it for you. With only 2 days of practice, it is far from perfect, but I hope you will enjoy it.

Love, Bobbi

She Put The Music in Me - Music and lyrics by Calee Reed

It started with rock-a-bye, comforting when I'd cryAll in her own styleThen popcorn before my eyes, turning frowns upside down
Into smiles
With songs of the birds up high, looking at the blue blue sky
The wind as it rushes by
Then leading me, guiding me, walking beside me she helped me
To walk in the light.

She built my house on a rock
And she lives all that she taught
And she is all that a woman should be
She put the music in me

I knew He was really there, He heard my child's prayer
Answering from up above
She gave like a little stream, I was her sunbeam
And I felt my Savior's love
I saw her kneel and pray with our family every day
Listening to each whispered word
Gentle in deed and thought, all the things Jesus taught

Following promptings she heard

She lives to search, ponder, pray
And she gives everyday
So her thanks will always be thanks indeed
She put the music in me

He made the tiny wings of each little bird that sings
In the leafy treetops up high
And all creatures great and small, I know God made them all
Because of her sweet lullaby

She's like a star shining bright and helps me to choose the right
And she gives me the hope of a life yet to be
She put the music in me
She is so good to me, Heavenly Father sent her to me
She taught me to lift up my voice and sing
She put the music in me.
She put the music in me.
She put the music in me.

To all of the women in my life,  thank you. There are many women that I look up to and helped me to become the person that I am. Thank you for your love, support, and example.

**If you are unable to view the video, watch it here.**