Our Story

Everyone has a story, and every story is different. But here is OUR story. . .

Lance and I were both students at Utah State during the spring of 2009. Apparently neither of us was having a ton of luck in the dating scene, since it took a friend setting us up on a blind date. Our mutual friend, Kim Newman, decided that it was possible we would get along and she suggested we at least become friends on facebook. So on April 21, 2009 we had our first conversation...over facebook. It lasted about five minutes and was enough to ask a few questions and say goodbye.

The next day while I was laying out, I got a text from Lance asking if he wanted to hang out. I wanted to meet him but there was no way I was going to meet a guy for the first time wearing shorts and a tank top, having not showered in days, and looking rather pathetic. I told him that it wouldn't be the best time but that we should get together tomorrow.

Lance and I met on April 23, 2009. We decided to just hang out and chill, rather than go on a formal date. I made an attempt to get at least somewhat cute, then I headed over to his apartment. I remember his door was open, and he and his roommate were sitting on the couch. We said hi, and kind of stood there awkwardly. I leaned against the door frame, trying to act cool and relaxed, but instead I was extremely nervous and not exactly sure how this would go. We started walking around the apartment complex then Lance asked me if I had a lot of gas. Not sure where he was going with it, I hesitantly replied...yea. Then he suggested maybe we could go up to Bear Lake to get raspberry shakes. (He didn't have a car at that time.) It was an idea and better than just sitting around, so we headed up to Bear Lake. Unfortunately, it was too early in the season and the shakes weren't open yet. We walked around the beach, and Lance held my hand. During the hour car ride both ways, we talked about everything under the sun. Our interests, our family, where we grew up, hobbies, future goals, etc. But it wasn't until we started jamming out to Veggie Tales that we realized it was love. Ok...not really. But we DID sing along to Veggie Tales at the top of our lungs the entire ride home. We just didn't know we were in love, yet. Lance told me later that he was not excited at all for our little get together/blind date. He figured that Kim's friend must not be very cool or must not have a lot going for her if she needs someone to set her up. He did it more as a pity date than anything. But he said once he saw me, he changed his mind completely and wanted to get to know me. Again, good thing I got ready that day!

Wolverine Movie Premiere
Less than a week since we met.
Our meeting was timed very poorly. We met the week before finals and I was moving home to Draper the week after that. But something just clicked between us on that first date, and we saw each other many times a day after that. He would come over and make me breakfast, then would try making lunch (warming up canned soup doesn't count as "making lunch"). We had a lot of fun together, but he was also a big distraction for finals. Neither one of us studied nearly as much as we should have, and I think both of our grades suffered a little for it.

I had been considering staying in Logan for the summer before I met Lance, but he definitely helped make that decision easier. I decided that this was worth seeing where it would go and thought staying in Logan would be fun. We met each others families and continued to see each other every single day. At one point, we decided that we needed to slow down a little bit, so we said we would go one day without talking or texting. I think I made it until about 2pm, then we both caved in. Two weeks after we met, Lance told me that he loved me. I was pretty shocked and didn't say anything back to him. But after thinking about it for a while, I returned the words a few hours later.

Lance started hinting at marriage and indicating that that was the direction he wanted to go. I was scared and it was all happening so fast, but I was also very excited. After he continued to hint about it and wouldn't let it drop, I finally told him that if the summer went good, that he could propose at the end of the summer, and we could get married over Christmas Break. Haha, little did we know that by Christmas, we would be married for over 4 months.

Dinner at Hamilton's
One morning after I had just gotten back from running, Lance told me that he was going ring shopping. Part of me didn't believe him, part of me was excited, part of me was freaking out. I didn't really want him to go...not yet. And I had no idea what style he would pick out and if I would like it, etc. So I tried anything to get him out of going. I told him that I was extremely picky and that if he chose a bad ring then I would be very mad. His response was, "Ok, I'll be there in 20 minutes to pick you up." I decided it wouldn't hurt to go look and get an idea of what I liked so we went ring shopping. (Keep in mind I was still in my running clothes, smelly, and sweaty.) We went to S.E. Needham's and started checking out rings. Somehow by the end of it, we had picked out one we both liked and Lance had put a deposit on the ring. Still not sure how that happened.

We went down to Draper to get my dad's permission and on June 3, 2009 Lance proposed to me. We were driving back home from Draper and I had to go to work so we were sitting in the car waiting until it was time. Lance had planned a big fancy dinner with his friends for the weekend, so I was expecting the proposal there. Then while we were in the car, he asked me if I wanted to go for a walk around campus when I got off work tonight. So then I figured he would do it then. Suddenly, while we were sitting in the car, Lance pulls out the ring and says "I'm sorry, I just can't wait any longer" and then he proposed. I was shocked and seriously thought he was kidding. I just sat there for a few minutes, and then I was like "Wait, are you serious?" Then I realized it was really happening and I said yes.

A few hours after he proposed.
We decided that we didn't want to wait until December, and we didn't want to get married during the school semester, so that left August as our best option. Because it was so soon, we were very limited on dates and time available at each temple. We decided to get married on Aug. 8, 2009 in the Salt Lake Temple. So we dated for about 7 weeks, were engaged for about 9 weeks, then we got married. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and everything we could have wanted it to be.