Sunday, March 13, 2016

4 Months

Weight: 15 lbs 9 oz - 73%
Height: 24 3/4 inches - 56%
Head Circumference: 42.5 cm - 91%

We sure love this little girl, but I wish she would slow down a bit. The newborn stage ends so quickly and suddenly they seem like giant babies. She has developed some rolls and some chub, and I love it.

She is usually a fairly content baby. I can lay her down on the couch, in her bouncer, or on the floor and she will lay there for a good amount of time. Other times, however, she simply wants to be held. And she makes it very clear that you are not to set her down.

Austin is getting stronger and able to support her weight on her legs. When she is being held, she likes to stand up for a little bit. 

She is still a little unsure about sitting in the bumbo. She likes it for short periods of time, then she typically wants out. Each week she seems to spend a little bit longer in it. 

At her 4 month check-up, I told the doctor I was slightly concerned because she wasn't rolling over yet and didn't seem to even be anywhere near close or trying. So he put her on her stomach. Before he could even back away to look at her, she rolled over. It was the first time and she hasn't even attempted it since. 

Because she lays down so much and doesn't like tummy time, I was worried about developing a flat spot. When I asked the doctor about it, he said that her head looked pretty good as of now and he wasn't concerned about it. 
She looks a lot like Will and Blake, and I did a little collage to compare the three. The main thing I have noticed it that Blake wasn't quite as chunky until a few months later. So Austin's 4 month pictures look more like Blake's 5 or 6 month pictures.
Austin's hair is still fairly dark. When comparing with the other two, it seems like their hair had started lightening around now. I'm wondering if it was because they were this age during the summer and the sun helped it go lighter, or if Austin will just have darker hair. It will be fun to see.
She refuses to take a binky. She kind of just looks at you like you are stupid and why are you trying to put that thing in my mouth. She'll move it around a little bit with her tongue then spit it out. It can make church slightly difficult.

But she loves chewing/sucking on her fingers, especially when she is upset. If she is crying, you can always tell that she has her hand in her mouth.
Usually right before I feed her, I lay her down on my lap while I get myself ready. She knows what is coming and will get really excited and kick her legs. 
There have been a couple of warmer days when we have been able to get outside. And Austin got to go in a swing for her first time. She seemed to like it alright. Not a ton of reaction, but at least she didn't scream.  
One of my favorite things about her is her cheeks. Sometimes it just looks like she can't hold her head up because her cheeks are too heavy. 

Austin is so happy and lights up every time someone talks to her.

She still likes to stick her tongue out and often just has it barely visible.   Other times, she prefer to have the whole thing just hanging out. 

I've also caught some pretty goofy faces on camera. 

Austin has outgrown her little bath and now just uses the normal bath with a small amount of water. She loves bath time and will kick and splash and be happy.  
She also likes to sit her her high chair and watch everything around her. Sometimes she'll hang out in her high chair  while I walk on the treadmill or when we are eating meals.  (Don't worry, I put the tray on right after I took the picture.)
Every day, I think she just keeps getting cuter and cuter.  

I adore her bright blue eyes, her little stork bite above her eye, and I kiss those chubby little cheeks every time I pick her up. 

  We sure love this cute girl.

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