Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer 2010

During the summer, it felt like all Lance and I ever did was work. We were both working over 30 hours a week, and I was taking 12 credits of summer classes. So it didn't leave much room for play. But looking back on all of our pictures and thinking about all the individual things we did, we actually had a pretty good summer!
Lance's first time on a horse. What a stud.
A couple of weeks after school was out, we took a much needed vacation down to Southern Utah. We spent a day with my family, riding horses, visiting, and having fun. Then Lance and I went and spent a day in Vegas, mostly just walking around and seeing all of the sights. Lance had never been to Vegas before, so it was fun to see his reaction.The next day we went to Zion's and hiked Angel's Landing. It is one of my favorite hikes ever. My two sisters, Kim and Cindy, also came with us and we all had a blast.

Lance and his cute goggles at sand dunes.
Las Vegas
Las Vegas
After we had spent some time in Cedar City, we headed back to Salt Lake to go to the Sand Dunes near Delta with my dad. The first night was pretty windy and we weren't able to ride much, but the second day was great and we rode until we were tired. Again, it was Lance's first time going and we had so much fun. He got several rides in the dune buggy and we were able to ride the four-wheelers. He was cautious at first, but did very well. In fact, there were times I was a little nervous because he was trying things I don't think he was quite ready for. Obviously we both made it out alive, thank goodness.

Lance and my dad in dune buggy.
Lance and I at bottom of Angel's Landing.
That was our main vacation for the summer. For our anniversary we went camping for one night up Green Canyon. We made tin foil dinners and had s'mores. We didn't plan very well because when we got up there we didn't have plates, silverware, or anything to eat with. We improvised and used some pieces of plastic and cardboard. We set up our tent for the very first time and had a very relaxing evening. Neither one of us slept much that night due to giant rocks in our back. I think it is time to invest in an air mattress or at least some foam pads so we can be more comfortable camping. But it was still fun roughing it. We got up early the next morning, headed home for breakfast, then decided to go spend the rest of the day at Lagoon. We had fun while we were there, but by about 5pm, both of us were so exhausted that we ended up coming home.
Hiking Angel's Landing
Check out our new tent :)
Home-made Pizza
That is pretty much all of the major stuff we did during the summer; however, we did a lot of small things. We had a punch pass to the aquatic center. And while I mostly went without Lance so I could relax and lay out, there were a few times we went together. We rented mountain bikes and went biking up Green Canyon. We floated down the canal. We were outside a lot playing sports. We played on our ward softball team and we kicked butt. We moved into our new apartment. We made home-made pizza. We watched a lot of tv series and movies. We played a lot of Mario Kart and Smash Bro on the Wii. We went for walks, we played games with friends, and did anything else that we thought would be fun.

Lance starting the fire.
We had to use plastic for our utensils.

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