Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On to the Next Stage in Life

 USU Graduate

I am have a Bachelor's Degree from Utah State University. It is official...well, kind of. I still haven't received my diploma in the mail, but they said that would take several months. But I am not longer a student. Because of some budget issues at USU, they are no longer having a commencement every semester. So if I want to walk, then I can this Spring. The date is set for May 8th. Seeing as that is about one week after my due date, I am not sure if I will be walking. If he decides he wants to come a few weeks early (which I have no objections), then I would probably consider walking. Guess we'll have to wait and see. I have really mixed feelings about graduating. Most people tell me how jealous they are and how they can't wait until they are done. However, graduating to me simple more basketball games or other sporting events, no more using school facilities like the pools or gym, no more school activities, no more meeting new people and seeing old friends on campus, no more constantly being in a learning environment, etc, etc, etc.  Then again, graduating also more classes, no more studying for tests, no more stressing about grades, no more dealing with the annoying professors (for the most part I had very good professors, but there were a few that could use some help), no more expensive textbooks, etc. So obviously there are many pros and and cons.

        I think, overall, that I would rather be a student. My work schedule is such that I sit home alone most of the day, and I have quickly run out of things to do. But I realize that there are many circumstances that make this graduation experience slightly different. The first obvious one is that I am pregnant. If we were not having a baby, things would be totally different. I would either be considering going to grad school, or I would be out looking for a real job. But because the baby will be here so soon and I don't plan on working immediately afterward, it would be pointless to go find a new job right now. Alas, I am working odd hours and spending most of my days bored at home. Don't get me wrong, I would much rather be spending my days bored at home, waiting for my son to get here than out finding a "real" job. I just need to find some way to spend my time to help the days go my faster. I cannot wait until April! So if anyone has any ideas of some craft ideas, hobby ideas, or things to do during the day, PLEASE let me know. Until I find something better to do, I am trying to enjoy being bored, and taking advantage of my spare time as I know I will want it back here in a few months.
(Below are some pics we took for a graduation announcement. I wanted a pic
in a cap and gown, but no one seemed to have one that I could borrow. My neighbor said
she had a navy blue one from Snow I could use. I realized after we took the pictures
that USU's are actually black. Solution = black and white pics.)

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  1. there's always a spouse pass for all the facilities and games!!