Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Trip Part 3: Lake Powell

After a long day dealing with our car problems, we finally made it to the lake. It was getting dark fast, so we quickly threw our tent up and got our camp ready. We were exhausted and went to bed early.

Will was up bright and early the next morning.
The sun was just barely starting to come up over the cliffs.
He is wearing the necklace I got from my grandma that passed away.
Of course, he had to find the biggest rock and try to throw it.
Ignore my shadow.
Picture of our campsite. Our tent is actually behind the motor home on the other side.
It didn't take long before Will had fallen in and was completely soaked.
Guess I should've just put him in his swimsuit immediately.
Later in the day, Will found a nice mud pit. He has been obsessed lately with trying to walk up and down steps, so it was fun for him to climb in and out of it. One time, he slipped and went face first directly into the mud.
And what do I do? Grab my camera as fast as I can!
Mud was caked in his eyes, eyelashes, nose, everywhere. He was not happy that I wanted to take pictures instead of clean it off.
The most popular ride/event for our family: the water weenie.
They all wiped out right after this shot.

I thought this picture was awesome. Everyone else had just barely fallen off and he was trying his best to stay on. He didn't make it.
Chillin at the front of the boat, watching everyone else ride.
Because it was so hot and noisy, Will pretty much skipped naps the entire time we were there. A few short ones here and there, but not as much as he'd have liked. The result was a very tired boy, and sometimes a boy content to just sit there.
Lance enjoying a ride. They were trying to go up some steep rocks and actually ended up flipping it on its side. Luckily, no one was hurt.

Will liked to play on all of the toys.
Looks like he is ready for a ride!
On our way out to take Lance for a ride on one of the tubes, the boat broke down. We were only a couple hundred yards from shore, luckily. My niece Danielle swam to get help. Meanwhile, my dad pulled out some skis and started rowing us back.
Everyone else jumped in the water, grabbed the rope, and started swimming us back.
Fortunately, Danielle was able to get someone to come tow us back to came.
On Saturday night, a storm decided to blow in. It rained a bit and was EXTREMELY windy. Our tent is about 90% mesh, then it has a tarp that attaches over the top. The wind would blow the cover up, then send sand storming into our tent. We literally felt like we were sleeping outside because it was raining on us and we were getting covered in sand. I had to cover my face because sand kept falling into my eyes. Luckily, Will slept through all of it and he wasn't bothered.
Here is a picture of Will's bed the next morning. I know it doesn't necessarily look like a ton of sand, but it was!
Will saw me sweeping out our tent and he decided it looked fun. Isn't he such a good helper?
Even when its not being pulled behind the boat, the water weenie is still very popular and the kid love to jump off of it.

His favorite thing was to sit on the edge right there, then slide off into the water. (Someone would catch him of course.) You couldn't put him back on fast enough, and the second you set him down, he'd slide right back off. This lasted forever. I don't think I've ever seen him entertained by the same thing for such a long period of time.
My sister Cindy had school up in Boise on Monday, so we headed back to Salt Lake City on Sunday. We took a little stop in Scipio to get gas and stopped to see the petting zoo.
It was a good break for the kids to get out of the car and stretch their legs. Though Will wasn't quite sure what to think of the animals.
We stayed overnight in Salt Lake then my sister dropped us off in Logan on her way to Idaho. We were really lucky that we were able to get a ride home and not add that to another of our worries for the weekend.

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