Friday, October 12, 2012

American West Heritage Center

Yesterday, my sister Cindy came up to Logan to visit for the day. We spent a good portion of the day trying to get some newborn pictures of my beautiful niece, Alexis. (Stay tuned for some of those pictures.) Later I thought it would be fun to go visit the American West Heritage Center for their Fall Days.

All of the kids had a ton of fun and I'm really happy that we decided to go.

The first thing the boys wanted to do was ride the train.
 Cindy's boys wanted to ride in the back. I think Will wanted to join them.
 After the train, we headed over the the "Giant Slide". At first you couldn't even see it and you'd think it was this tiny thing. But they put this tarp thing going down a hill and made a pretty decent slide.
 The kids LOVED it. I think they would have stayed there for hours if we had let them.
I literally couldn't keep Will off of it. If I set him down, he would run toward it and try going down. There were a few times he ended up going down alone because I couldn't catch him in time.
 While the slide was a lot of fun, the biggest problem was hiking back up. Will couldn't make the climb himself, so every time he went down, someone had to go down and carry him up. By the time I got to the top, I was out of breath and usually a little light headed. Fortunately, Cindy was willing to go get him a few times.
A look at our feet as Will and I are going down together.
 Will also loved just playing in the dirt and hay at the bottom.
 We convinced the boys to take a break from the slide and go see what other activities there were.
 They thought it was pretty cool to shoot some BB guns. There was also tomahawk throwing, but it looked a little too dangerous for these boys.
 While the boys were shooting, Will had fun ducking under the rope. He'd just walk back and forth, going under each time.
 Next we headed to the hay jump. I was surprised how much Will liked it. He wouldn't exactly jump off, but he would step off into the hay.
 He was feeling a bit left out and wanted someone to help him up so he could jump off too.
 There was also a "spider web" to climb. Will wasn't sure what to do, but he seemed to enjoy watching the boys climb.
 Then Will found this slide. And while it wasn't nearly as fun as the Giant Slide, he sure loved it. And though I had to lift him onto the hay stack, that was much easier than climbing up the giant hill so I was happy to oblige.
 We went back to the Giant Slide before we left and played on there a few more times. I took this pictures because the view was very pretty.

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