Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012

One of the great things about having kids is it makes the holidays so much more exciting. Halloween has always been an on and off holiday for me. Some years I get really into it, while others I could care less. And although we knew this year would be pretty uneventful, we still had to come up with a good idea for Will's Halloween costume.

Thank goodness for Pinterest.

I found so many cute ideas and was having a really hard time choosing between them. Then I stumbled across this one..and I knew it would be Will's costume this year.

We, as well as most of Lance's family, really love Lord of the Rings and are super excited for The Hobbit movie to come out. What better way to get ready for the movie than by dressing up!

It was fairly cheap and relatively easy for me to make, though it didn't turn out quite how I wanted it to.
A Hobbit!
We used a ring pop for "The One Ring" and he even had a pipe at some points. The only thing missing was hairy feet.
Early that morning, we went up to USU campus to show Lance's dad Will's costume. We also got his dad a grey robe and beard so that he could be Gandalf. He was a good sport to humor us and get a picture, though he didn't exactly look very "Gandalf-ish".

Lance had to work all night so I asked my neighbors if we could tag along with them trick-or-treating. They had a pretty big group and it was a bit hectic, but it also made it fun.
Will is at a difficult age for trick-or-treating. He wanted to be out running/walking with all of the other kids, but he is so slow I didn't want to make them wait. So we alternated between having him in the stroller and letting him walk.
There was even one house where he knocked on the door. Then when they didn't answer immediately, he grabbed the door handle and opened it right up. Luckily they were right there close.
The other challenge was the candy. He wasn't interested in putting it in his bag. He wanted to hold every single piece. I think he had three pieces in each hand at one point.
We only went about an hour before I decided he was done. Then we went over to a friends house to hang out while they passed out candy. Will had fun playing with all of their toys.

Overall it was a fun evening, but I think next year will be even better once he is a bit older.

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