Sunday, April 20, 2014

The House Tour: Upper Floor

We have lived in our house about 8 months now. Part of me can't believe we have already almost been here a year, yet part of me feels like it was so long ago that we lived in Logan.

We haven't done anything to the house since we moved in, unless you count Will coloring on several of the walls and the few dings holes we've added throughout the house. One of the things we really liked about this house was that it has a ton of room for growth and it has a ton of potential, but it is already nice how it is. If we never changed or updated anything, it isn't terrible and unlivable. There are so many things I would love to do, and hopefully someday we will get to them. But for now, we are enjoying our house as is.

Here is what our house looks like from the outside. Typical split-level entry where you open the door and have steps going up on one side, down on the other. There are hundreds on others houses that look almost the exact same and have very similar layouts. Oh well.

We live in a cul-de-sac so we don't get a ton of traffic. It's one of my favorite things about the location. I also love all of our huge trees. One of the only major downfall is the lack of a garage. 

When you walk up the stairs, the first thing you will see is our living room.

Right off of the living room is our kitchen and dining room.

The door goes outside to our deck.
First door in the hallway is a restroom.
There are two bedrooms at the end of the hallway. One is Will's bedroom.

This picture was taken several months ago. He now sleeps on his car bed.

The closets are nice and big with a good combination of shelves and hanging room.

 The other room is being used as our office/guest room/craft room. This is probably our most chaotic room. There are still boxes unpacked everywhere. One day maybe I'll get to decorating, but for the unforeseeable future, this is probably how it will be until we figure out what we want to do. 
We might turn this into Blake's bedroom, perhaps a toy room...not sure yet.
And that pretty much concludes the tour of our upstairs. Once I get my basement clean enough to snap some pictures, I will post the rest of the tour. 

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