Monday, September 22, 2014

Hunter's Baptism

A couple of weeks ago, we were able to go to Boise and spend a few days with my brother Tony for my nephew's baptism. They have recently moved and it was fun to see their new place. 
Tony had fallen off his ladder at work the day before so he was very sore. Lance decided to tag along all day Friday while Tony worked, helping him do installs and whatever else he might be able to do. I spent the day at the house, probably driving Cindy crazy.

My mom showed up Friday night. Saturday morning, we cleaned up the house, did some yardwork, and baked some treats for the baptism that afternoon. Lance took Will on a tractor ride and was helping to move some dirt. 

At one point, my mom was trying to put something into the bucket, and Lance accidentally pushed the gas (instead of break), and ran into my mom with the tractor. She fell over into the pile of dirt Lance had been moving, and it left a little bruise on her leg from where the tractor hit her. Luckily, no real harm was done.

Shortly afterwards, my mom and I went on a walk and we were talking about how quick accidents can happen. We were all sitting there laughing, having a good time, and suddenly some random thing happens and tragedy strikes (or could have). 

Lance felt extremely bad and said sorry to her the rest of the day. My mom enjoyed teasing him and even called a few days later to say she had made up a song...

"Grandma got ran over by a tractor,
Hanging out at Tony's one fine day,
Grandma got ran over by a tractor,
Lance and Will were having a hay day." 

Hunter's baptism was that afternoon. He was really excited and looked so handsome.

After the baptism, everyone came over to Tony and Cindy's house for dinner.

Will did fairly good during the baptism, but Blake had a really hard time sitting still. She and Lance spent a good portion of the time roaming the halls. 

We stayed the night and hung out for a good part of the day Sunday. Then it was time for us to say goodbye and make the long drive home. We love this family, thanks for a great weekend!

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