Monday, November 29, 2010

Birthday Bash

Lance's birthday was last Tuesday (the 23rd). Unfortunately, he was supposed to have classes all day then go straight to work, so we planned on celebrating it the day after. However, due to a major blizzard that was going to hit, all classes were cancelled after 2pm. Yay! We had a few hours together before he went to work in which we decided to touch up some parts on our crib. (Pictures coming soon!) He went to work and it was so slow that he got to come home several hours early. We were going to do presents the next day, but I had wrapped up his library book with the rest of his presents and he wanted to read it that night when I went to work.
Snow was blowing pretty hard on the door.

I accidentally put his old ipod in the washer, so I felt he deserved another. Plus I wanted mine back.

The wind was blowing so hard, the snow stuck off at an angle.

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