Friday, December 3, 2010

Homemade Stockings

Thanksgiving is over, which means that it is time to get ready for Christmas! 
Christmas checklist:
  • Set up the tree - check!
  • Start countdown calender - check!
  • Finish shopping - still working on that one
  • Watch Christmas movies - check! (But still need to watch more.)
  • Play Christmas music - check!
  • Put up Christmas lights - haven't quite gotten to this yet
  • Wrap presents - check! (At least, the things I've already bought.)
  • Make homemade stockings - check!

The first thing we focused on was getting the tree up.

Bobbi and the finished tree. Still need to add ornaments.

I love this picture of Lance!

 Sewing the stockings together.


Lance putting the detailing on his stocking.

Used rope to write our names.

Probably first and last time Lance will use a hot glue gun.

Lance and I with our finished stockings!


  1. Yay for Christmas!!! And cute stockings!!! I need to pull myself together and make some for us sometime...

  2. Those stockings are so cute. Love the jacket you were wearing while you were doing your sewing. Brought back a lot of memories.