Sunday, December 19, 2010

Project: Crib

Ever since we found out I was pregnant, I have been looking on KSL for a good crib. I decided I liked the convertible cribs, but they were usually a bit pricey. But I knew that with consistent checking, there was a chance we would find a good deal. A few weeks ago, we found EXACTLY what we were looking for and for a great price.
We got:
  • a crib
  • mattress
  • changing table, and 
  • changing pad
for a wicked good deal (in our opinion). We called and within a few hours were on our way to Salt Lake to have a look. The only problem was that it was a light tan color, and I was really wanting a dark brown. We decided it was too good to pass up and that it would be a fun project to refinish it in the color we wanted. We looked into all our different options for staining, but it was obvious it was going to be WAY to big of a project and too much potential for disaster. We finally decided to just paint it. It was still quite the project and took many, many hours. But the finished product is beautiful and we couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

The before...This is the main headboard.

These are the side railings.
 Lance painting the sides.

We kind of invaded his parent's garage. Thanks!

The finished product. Isn't it beautiful?

 The changing table. 

 The start of our baby's room. Next step...decorating!

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