Wednesday, December 29, 2010


       Instead of having us go up to Idaho to be with my mom on Christmas, she decided that it would be better if she came and stayed with us. So when my sister got married on Dec. 17th, my mom just rode home with us. She stayed with us for an entire week, then flew back home on Christmas afternoon. Lance and I made a list of activities that we could possibly do during the week she was visiting. Some of those included:
  • visit Pepperidge Farm and get cookies
  • make a lot of goodies
  • play games
  • watch Christmas movies
  • drive around and look at Christmas lights
  • scenic drive up Logan canyon
  • tour Utah State campus
  • Aggie ice cream
  • temple session
       During last week, it felt like we didn't do anything at all. But as I think more about it, I guess we did the majority of the things on our list. We went to Pepperidge Farm and got some TimTams. We made home-made chicken noodle soup, fudge, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and lots of other treats. We watched several Christmas movies.
We even made homemade noodles. SO GOOD!
       We drove around and looked at lights on Christmas Eve. We went for a drive up the canyon and did a little tour of Logan. But even with all that, the majority of our days were spend just relaxing, watching tv or reading. Still, it was nice not to be running full speed and to take some time to sit back and catch up.

Our stockings were full of goodies
       We ended up having a really good Christmas. I can't believe this is our second Christmas together being married. I know that isn't very long, but it's going by fast. And by next Christmas, our son will be getting big and growing up! We didn't set any alarms on Christmas morning and slept in until about 8am. But we woke up to the heat broken in our apartment. It was freezing and I didn't want to get out of bed.
I insisted on starting the tradition of getting an orange in our
stockings and reading the "Christmas Orange".
      Then we got up and opened the presents we had for each other and my mom. I gave Lance a few shirts, and a remote control helicopter. He gave me a cute hat/scarf/gloves set, and several more guitar hero games to keep me entertained this next semester while I don't have classes. Lance gets so excited giving other people gifts and watching them open them. I love his excitement for Christmas.
Lance cracked me up with his wrapping job.
Not too hard to guess what it is...haha
Lance with his new helicopter.
My mom and I. Too bad I'm pale and scary looking.
       We were going to drive my mom down to SLC for her flight, but it turned out my brother was in Logan visiting his girlfriend and was heading down at just the right time. My mom decided to catch a ride with him since she doesn't get to see him often. Lance and I still ended up going to Salt Lake to catch a movie with my dad and spend a little bit of Christmas with him. We saw Tron in 3-D. It was actually a pretty decent movie, but I have decided officially that I do not like 3-D. Normal movies it is from here on out for me.

     That night, we went over to Lance's parents and spent the remainder of Christmas with them. It has been a pretty busy holiday season, and we've spent a lot of time being with family, which is always nice. It's great to have a bit of a break from school and just relax. The heat in our apartment ended up being out for about 3 days, during which the temperature in our apartment dropped below 50 degrees. I am used to wearing sweats and lots of layers and blankets, so it didn't bother me too much. Lance, however, was freezing and was often seen in his hat and gloves. Fortunately, we spent most of our time at his parents house, so we only had to endure the cold during the night.
       Our baby is due in exactly 4 months, and we are so excited to finally meet him. People are constantly asking if we have a name picked out yet. As of now, we think we have a name. However, we are going to use it for a few weeks and see if it's a name we still like after a little more thought. We are going to wait to share the name until we are more sure about it. There are many names we have been considering and testing out. Once we have decided, we will let everyone know.

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