Friday, December 10, 2010

Half Way There!

I am 20 weeks today, which means that we are half way there. I just got back from a doctor's appointment and he said things are looking good. Our baby must have been working out or something, because his heart rate was at 160! On Wednesday, it was only 148. He's already above average in weight, so I guess it's a good thing he's exercising. We had our ultrasound on Wednesday, and we got to see our little man. They estimated that he weighed about 14 ounces, and I think average is around ten. It's already looking like he'll be a big one. Anyways, here's a few updates on the pregnancy so far:

  • I have never thrown up.
  • Between about 10-12 weeks, my stomach would start hurting really bad if I went more than an hour without food. Crackers and small snacks didn't help, it had to be food with some substance. 
  • I still haven't really felt him move. Or if I have, I haven't recognized it. 
  • I can still wear my normal jeans, but I do find my maternity ones more comfortable. 
  • I haven't had any cravings.
  • Sweets and chocolate haven't sounded as good to me as they usually do.
  • I sneeze all the time, especially in my car.
  • I can't eat as much in one sitting, but I eat more often.
  • My stomach doesn't like any sort of pressure on it. Even having Lance lay his arm across it feels like it weighs 100 pounds.
  • I sleep more and take much longer naps.
  • Back tickles are the cure for everything. :)
Overall, I have felt extremely lucky with this pregnancy. Especially at the beginning, I didn't feel any different and you would never know that I was pregnant. Sometimes, I even began to wonder myself. I am so excited that we finally know the gender and we are now on the last part. We cannot wait until April so we can meet our little guy.

He had his hands covering his face most of the time. It was difficult to get a profile shot.

He kept his legs pretty tightly together also, didn't want us seeing anything.

The spine pictures are my favorite. 
Here is a 3-D image showing his hands up by his face. But look how cute :)


  1. Cute! I love ultrasound pictures. And it sounds like your baby will be the size of a true Hinton baby. Good luck! Chunky babies are cute. :)

  2. SO exciting huh? I didn't feel our little guy until about 23 weeks, but when you feel him, you'll know. my little guy makes my whole belly jump and shake. its an interesting feeling. Hope things are going well!! Let me know if you need anything!