Sunday, September 18, 2011

This picture says it all.

It was our Stake Conference today and L. Tom Perry came to speak to us. Lance had heard a random rumor that maybe he was coming to dissolve the married student stake. Complete rumor, thank goodness. While we are excited to one day go to the family ward, we really enjoy the married student atmosphere at this stage in our lives.

About 2/3 of the way through his talk, a subsonic vibration was felt and a low rumbling was heard. We look down to find Will just a smiling in his car seat. Several people around us chuckled and all we could do was shake our heads and smile. He seemed perfectly content for a bit, so we just left him. But after a few minutes, we decided that we should probably go change him. Luckily for me, Lance volunteered. As he stood up, you could see the back of Will's shirt was green and poop was EVERYWHERE! I just kind of chuckled as Lance hurried off to the restroom to get him cleaned up.
Check out those belly rolls :)

After an entire package of wipes and quite a bit of time, Lance comes back. I see him out in the hallway holding a naked Will. Well, mostly naked. The socks and his tie were the only things that did not get soiled so Lance had decided to keep those on. Apparently the one thing we forgot to pack in the diaper bag was an extra change of clothes. Lance also had some poop on his sleeve from when he first picked him up. So Will went the last 15 minutes of stake conference wearing a diaper, socks, and a tie. Our little Chippendale. All he was missing was the cuffs! Oh the joys of children. We had all of our friends around us cracking up though. The one good thing was that it allowed us to leave during the closing hymn, beat all the crazy traffic, and not feel guilty or bad about it.
Will feeling guilty

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