Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Weekend Trip Part 1: Cedar City

Every year around the 24th of July, my family does a trip down to Lake Powell. Due to different reasons, Lance and I have never gone before. This year, we decided that we would try to make it. Then on July 14, 2012 my Grandma Woolsey passed away.

Several months ago, we discovered that she has a brain tumor and that she wasn't going to be around for very long. Fortunately, she passed painlessly in her sleep and is back with her sweetheart.

We were originally planning on going to Lake Powell either Thursday night or early Friday morning, but with my Grandma leaving, a few things changed. Her funeral was going to be in Escalante on Friday morning. My dad thought it would be good for everyone to still go to the lake afterwards, so we would just go from Escalante.

So last Thursday (the 19th) Lance and I packed up all of our stuff and started making our way to Cedar City. We would stay the night there, then get up early the next morning to go to the funeral. We took Lance's Chevy Cavalier because mine doesn't have air conditioning. We stopped at my brother Jim's work in Bountiful to get the oil changed, as well as a few other little things fixed.

Will was out before we even got out of Logan. He had snuggled up with his dog and was fast asleep.

While we were waiting for the car, we went and got some lunch and went bowling. (Cheap way to pass the time instead of just sitting around.)

The car ended up costing around $130 to fix everything.

The trip to Cedar City was...in a word...a NIGHTMARE. Remember how peaceful he was leaving Logan? Well that didn't last long. Will screamed bloody murder for a good 2-3 hours or our remaining 3.5 hours. I was about ready to pull my hair out and thought one of us wouldn't make it there alive. Yet somehow we did and the three of us had never been so happy to get out of a car.

We spent the evening hanging out, eating food, and getting ready for our premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. We prepared with masks and capes then booked it to the theater.

 We were some of the last ones there and we didn't get the best seats. Then luckily, some workers came and said they were opening another theater and that we could move if we wanted. Score! So we got great seats without having to wait hours beforehand
The movie was AWESOME!  Lance talked of nothing else the nitrite weekend.. But it really was that good. We got home exhausted after 3am and had to wake up by 6:30am to get on the road to Escalante.

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