Friday, March 29, 2013

Doctor Mania

We have spent more time at the doctors in the past month than...ever. Between baby check-ups, Will's check-ups, and now sicknesses, it seems we have spent a good amount of time with doctors.

Will has had a runny nose for what seems like forever. Pretty much all winter. Then a few weeks ago, he developed a pretty bad cough. Luckily, the cough didn't last long. But a few days ago he woke up with swollen, goopy eyes. They were practically glued shut, it was so bad. I had heard that pink eye had been going around my neighborhood and ward for a while, so I was afraid that is what he had.
I figured we may as well take him to the doctor to get him some medicine to help clear things up. Turns out it was not pink eye, but rather a sinus infection.
I have also been noticing lately that Will seems to have some sort of problem with his left foot. I cannot figure out what is wrong, but you can tell it really bothers him at times. At first I noticed when I would set him down from the table. He would favor that foot for a moment, maybe limp for a minute, then be fine. But over the last week, it keeps getting worse and worse. 

When we got out of the car at the doctors, I put Will down so he could walk. He couldn't put any pressure on that foot and when he tried walking, that leg would basically collapse and he would fall to the ground. When that happens, he crawls for a moment, then hops up and runs around like nothing is wrong. I mentioned it to the doctor, and he couldn't figure out what was wrong. It's just strange how he can't even walk one second, but then runs around and plays for a while. And this happens several times throughout the day. Mostly when he has been sitting for long periods of time. I was told to simply keep an eye on it and watch for any correlations or things that may be causing it. So far, I am clueless.

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