Thursday, March 7, 2013

Double the Trouble, Double the Fun

Two kids is definitely different. I remember when Will was a newborn, I was still pretty free to do whatever I wanted. When he was sleeping, I had "me" time and things were much more manageable. But with two that isn't the case. If she is sleeping, then there is likely something I need to do for Will, even if it's just giving him some attention and playing with him.

Fortunately, I have two amazing kids. Blake has been an amazing sleeper. For the first week, she honestly slept about 22 hours a day.
6 days old - Chillin' Sunday afternoon
She would wake up for a few minutes, eat, then go right back to sleep. Now almost 3 weeks old and she is still sleeping a ton. She is awake more during the day, staying awake maybe 30-45 minutes at a time.

Having a little girl is also very different. I enjoy dressing her up and am having lots of fun with it.

And Will has adjusted so well. He's always been such an independent kid and does really well playing by himself. He sure loves his little sister, though. He always tells me when she is crying and tries to give her a binki. The hardest part is when I'm feeding Blake and Will needs/wants something. He has a hard time waiting sometimes.

After her cord fell off, Blake finally got her first bath. She cried for a moment then was perfectly content to chill in the water.

While I was getting Blake dressed, I turned and found Will reading on the rocking chair with his sunglasses on. Too cute.
Then one day I went in to check on him during nap and found him asleep half off the bed. 
He got a train set for Christmas and has been playing with it almost non-stop ever since. He is so dang smart, it just boggles my mind. He quickly learned how to work the magnets and which sides attract and repel. 
He sets up his own tracks, only sometimes needing help with the bridges, But he is quickly learning how to do that himself too.
He also is a very good climber. He can climb in and out of most cribs, though he usually ends up flipping over the rail at some point.

There was a time I was in our computer room while Blake was asleep in the crib. And suddenly Will was laughing hysterically. I went in the room and he had climbed into the crib and thought it was hilarous to be laying next to her.

So far things are going very smoothly. I am often exhausted, as any mother usually is, but 
I am surviving. I'm much more worried for the stage when she is more mobile and I have two kids getting into things. Guess we'll just tackle that when it comes. But for now, I am trying to enjoy every minute of this stage. Kids change so fast and I'm trying to remember every moment.


  1. She is beautiful! I can also agree with you that two is better than one! :) It's fun that you have a boy and a girl. I call it the best of both worlds. Loved your blog!!!

  2. Dang girl! Count your blessings you got two sleepers in a row! What a blessing! And way fun pictures. :) Can't wait to meet her!!! And just you wait until they can play together... those seriously are the best mommy moments. Although mine usually end in one boy wrestling/tackling the other and making them cry ha ha but still fun.