Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Dentist

Shortly after Will turned 2 years old, I decided it time that I finally took him in to see a dentist. I grew up with very poor oral hygiene and suffered too many consequences because of it. New dentists are always amazed with how much work I've had done (luckily most is on the back teeth so you can't really tell just from me smiling). Anyways, I have always vowed that I would make my kids brush and that we would have regular dental checkups.
Well, I was already failing at the whole brushing Will's teeth thing, so I figured I better get into the dentist so I wasn't a complete failure. We went to ABC Pediatric dentistry in Providence, UT and they are awesome. They are so great with little kids and making them feel comfortable. They were really great at explaining everything and showing Will all of the tools before they did anything.
Will did great. He allowed them to do their job without fussing, and the experience was just really good as a whole. The bad news came when they announced that he already had 2 cavities...possibly more. Guess he has my genes for teeth. Poor guy.
Anyways, when they do fillings on little kids, they usually sedate them to make the process go smoothly. We booked the soonest appointment, which was over a month out.

Trip to the Dentist: Take Two

Will was not allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight the night before his sedation, and we had to be there around 7:15am. Since we now live in Kaysville, that meant a pretty early morning.

We were taken to a room where he was given the sedation medicine. He could have taken a syringe in the mouth, but if he were to spit any out, we would've had to reschedule and try again another day. So instead we decided to put the medicine up his nose. Will hated it, and I can't blame him. I can't imagine anyone likes stuff squirted up their noses.

Slowly, he started getting a big wobbly and just losing control. He would randomly start laughing hysterically, then he'd stop. It was pretty amusing to watch.

Then they sent me up to the waiting room while they worked on his cavities. I was surprised when about 15-20 minutes later, they came and told me it was finished and went really well. He only had the two small cavities, which was definitely good news. They took me back to a recovery room where Will was lying on a little hospital gurney, connected to a heart rate monitor. He was awake, but completely out of it.
He was pretty unresponsive and just lying there with his eyes and mouth open. It took him about 45 minutes to wake up enough to start talking, though he still had no control over his body. When I picked him up, his head would just flop around all over. He wanted to get down and walk, but he couldn't support his own body weight.
We went over to Grandma and Grandpa's and slowly he kept getting better. Though for the first little while, it was super funny to watch our little intoxicated guy. He kept falling over, losing his balance, and just having a rough time of it. I'm not sure if he realized he was so off balance or not, he just seemed to go with the flow.

In no time, he was running around as usual, wanting a bowl of cereal, and back to his hyper self. (Though he did take a 4 hour nap, which was awesome.)

Hopefully we can start taking better care of his teeth and avoid doing this again.

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