Thursday, September 19, 2013

7 Months

It's no secret that I like accessorizing Blake. She is rarely seen out in public without a headband of some sort. I am excited for the days when I'll be able to do her hair. Well, those days are here. Sort of. Her hair is getting long enough that she is finally able to sport a little pony tail.

And her little mullet is getting longer. I could probably braid it if I wanted.

Her sleeping has been improving week by week. She'll go to bed sometime between 8p-9p and sometimes wont wake up until about 5-6a, eat then go back to sleep for a few more hours.  I have noticed a definite improvement since we started feeding her solid foods.

We are still mostly just feeding her rice cereal, though I have been slowly starting to introduce her to some vegetables and fruits (mixed in with the rice cereal). She is always a bit hesitant the first few bites, but then she usually warms up to it. 

She loves to eat, and we have yet to find something that she doesn't like. 

She doesn't spit up nearly as much as she used to. So now instead of expecting it and being ready all the time, she will catch  me off guard.

Blake loves to eat Ritz crackers. She makes a mess with crumbs everywhere, but she sure loves them.
She is officially sitting up. I remember telling my sister one day that I didn't think Blake was ever going to sit up and my sister just said to work with her and help her practice and get stronger. After 1-2 days of helping her sit up, Blake was sitting up by herself. I was amazed how quickly she improved. She still topples down every once in a while, but she is able to balance herself pretty well most of the time.

She loves going on walks or just sitting in the stroller outside while I mow the lawn or do yard work. Usually she will just look around at the world, jabber, and squeal a bit.

Another of her favorite places is her high chair. It's great because I can just put her in the high chair while I do dishes or clean up a little bit, and she loves it. She has this little lady bug toy that she especially loves to play with while in her high chair.

She has also mastered the ability to hold her own bottle. It makes it a lot easier as I can now let her feed herself if I'm really needed elsewhere. 

She has started filling out and is getting more chub to her.
Blake slept through the night (completely) for the first time last night. She went to sleep around 8:30 p and didn't wake up until about 8 a. It was awesome. Now if only I could get Will to do that!

She will be playing and happy until I walk out of the room. She usually cries every time she sees me walk out of the room, unless she is distracted with toys or if Will is playing with her.

She is such a happy baby and loves to smile and laugh. She is easy to please and it's rarely difficult to figure out what is bothering her. If she is crying, it is usually because she is hungry or needs a nap.

She is starting to move around the floor a little more though combination of rolling and scooting on her stomach. I wouldn't be surprised if she started army crawling in the next few weeks. 
If you blow bubbles at her, she will start blowing them right back. She gets a kick out of slobbering all over.

I love all of her little faces and think she is just a beautiful little girl.

We love you, Blake.

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