Sunday, October 27, 2013

8 Months Old

Blake is becoming quite the little handful. She insists on being held. But then she cries if she isn't being held the right way. Then she squirms and claws at your face until you put her back down. I feel like I am constantly trying to guess what it is she wants.

She screams whenever Lance or I leave the room. She definitely doesn't like to be left alone, so if I need to leave the room, I have to distract her and make sure she isn't looking.
She can be crying as hard as possible for the longest time, but within 3 seconds of being picked up she will have stopped completely.

When you pick Blake up, she immediately twists and pushes you away until she is facing outwards. I am learning that this is better for both of us because then she no longer has access to pull my hair.

She likes watching Will and doing what he does. He doesn't like it so much and doesn't like when she tries to take the toys he is playing with.

She is definitely not a cuddly baby. She never stops moving and will not just lay down with anyone and snuggle. Even when she is super tired, she will wiggle and kick until you lay her down.
Blake is so close to crawling and gets closer every day. She will stay on her knees for a few moves, then she drops down to her stomach and continues to army crawl. Between that and rolling around, she has become fairly mobile and is able to get where she wants.

She is growing fast. We are no longer able to get clothes passed down when Lexi outgrows them because they are wearing the same size. I doubt you would guess that Alexis was 5 months older.

It wouldn't surprise me if we are the ones passing down clothes eventually.

She loves to stand and tries so hard to pull herself up to things. If I am sitting on the floor besides her, she will often grab my clothes or anything she can grab and continue to climb. If I hold her hands, she will pull herself up to a standing position.
One time I went into her room and found her lying on the floor like this, completely still. It was as if she was in a coma because she didn't budge an inch for the longest time. She was completely dazed, even while I was taking pictures.

She has great style, especially when her father dresses her. 

Blake has been teething for the past week or two and officially has one tooth that has popped through (with another one almost there.)

She is a little cheese ball.

She is super ticklish, especially under her chin, armpits, legs, and feet.

She is such a great eater and will eat anything put to her mouth. She eats a lot of rice cereal mixed with fruits and vegetables, crackers, breads, etc. She even seemed to like Will's chicken nuggets.

She has slept through the night several times. If she does wake up, it's usually between 3-5a and I can feed her pretty quickly and she'll get right back to sleep.
Blake does not like dirty diapers and likes to be changed pretty quickly.
Her schedule is typically as follows:
-She wakes up around 8am.
-She takes a morning nap, afternoon nap, and sometimes a short evening nap.
-Then she goes to sleep between 8p-9p.
-She has a bottle right when she wakes up, plus baby food for lunch, dinner, then right before bed.
She loves being outside and will stay pretty content in the stroller.
She has taken quite the beating from Will lately as it seems he enjoys tormenting her. She has had books thrown at her, blankets smothering her, other toys thrown at her, been knocked over, been jumped on, kicked, etc. Hopefully it will make her tough.

Though occasionally (when I'm in the room) he will be nice.

She takes great pictures, though they often involve me jumping around, making silly noises, and basically doing anything foolish to get her to smile.

She is growing quickly and it is fun to see her little personality develop. 

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