Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Groundhog Birthday

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I've never been a huge fan of my birthday and don't care to make a big deal of it. Besides a couple of phone calls and my Facebook exploding with messages, it is usually not unlike most other days. And that is about how I like it. 

I started the day with laundry and some house cleaning. Will wanted to make waffles for breakfast so we did that. One of his favorite things is to help me cook.
Then Lance showed up for lunch with roses and a gift card. And after he got off work, we took the kids out to dinner at Village Inn. Though it was a fairly normal day, I appreciated the effort people made to wish me a Happy Birthday and make me feel extra loved. And I felt it.

I tried something a little different than I normally wear.
The weather was beautiful and the kids and I enjoyed an afternoon in the backyard. We jumped on the trampoline, played in the playhouse, and I got to bask in the sun, reading a good book while the kids played in the dirt. It was awesome.
 The kids love to play what we call "The Rescue" game. Basically they start to go down the slide, then I grab them and try to save them from falling. Most of the time, I am "unable" to pull them back up and they fall down the slide.
 Will especially loves this game and gets a real kick out of it. Occasionally, he is even so big that he ends up pulling mommy down with him. That might be his favorite part.

 "Help me, Mommy!"
Blake also gets in on the action and tries to help me pull Will to safety.

Then of course they wanted to be pushed on the swings.

I had a great day. Thank you everyone who made it special.

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  1. Happy birthday Bobbi! I am glad you had such a great birthday. It is so fun to see your little family grow.