Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Enterprise - My Current Thoughts

When Lance accepted the job at Enterprise, I had very little idea what the actual job was. A few weeks into the job, an area manager took Lance and I out to dinner. There, I was able to grill him all about the company, what Lance could expect, different pathways he could take, different opportunities. It really opened my eyes to the company, and I left that dinner very excited for what the future might hold for us.

So Lance is currently in the "Management-Trainee Program" at Enterprise. He helps customers when they come to rent cars and tries to sell them insurance, upgrades, etc. He helps maintain the cars, drives them to different locations, and keeps them in top condition. He also communicates with insurance companies and keeps things straight on that front. Basically, he is learning how to run the business. After the training program, which can take between 6-9 months, he will take a test and hopefully be promoted to assistant-manager at one of the branches. 

From there he can keep working his way up the ladder to manager, area manager, and up even further if he wanted. Or he could choose to go other routes such as car sales, or truck rentals, etc. Enterprise only hires within the company, so if you are working hard and doing reasonably well, there is a decent shot of being promoted when the timing is right.

The potential is so high and things I had given up dreaming about now seem like they could be reality again one day. I know that potential is not a guarantee. And it will not be an easy pathway, but there is hope. And it makes it easier to get through hard times when you know you are actually working for something and have a goal in mind.

Even though we know this course we have chosen will be a long one, we are hopeful.

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