Monday, July 20, 2015

Have We Lost our Minds?

Anyone who knows me well knows that being a mother isn't something that comes super easy to me. Having two kids has been incredibly difficult for me and the thought of another kid made me nauseous. But at the same time, I had this feeling that our family wasn't quite complete yet. It was beyond frustrating. When I thought about my kids in high school, I could always picture three of them. The problem was figuring out how to survive and make it through the younger years with three kids.

And for stupid and selfish reasons that I wont go into, I didn't want there to be a large gap if we ever decided to have a third. I had told myself that if Blake ever turned three years old and we were not pregnant, than I was done. Well, it looks like we don't have to worry about that. Baby Hinton #3 is on the way.

I am 26 weeks along and my due date is October 27th.

The first trimester was pretty rough this time around. Probably the worst I've had so far. And though I still didn't throw up, there were many times I wished I would, hoping it would make me feel better. My symptons and food cravings have been nearly identical to my pregnancy with Will. I started to suspect it was a boy and felt about 95% confindent about it. I was so confident, in fact, that I packed all of my girl things up and started to get my boy things down to sort and go through.

We were both more than a little stunned at our ultrasound when we were told it was a girl. We asked like 2-3 times if they could double check, and how sure they were. But even I could tell pretty clearly that it was indeed a girl. It took a couple of days for it to fully register and sink in.

I am approaching the end of the second trimester and am ready to be in the third and final stretch. I can't decide if the weeks are going slow or quickly, but we are chugging along, anxious for October to get here.
26 Weeks

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