Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer has officially begun

June is in full swing and man did the temperature rise fast. It has been HOT. The kind of hot that leaves you wondering what to do. I hate being trapped inside all day, but it's too hot to be outside unless it involves water.
So that is pretty much what we have been up to. We play in the sprinklers. We go to the splash pad. And last week, I even took the kids on a little day trip to the lake. Willard Bay is only 20-30 minutes from our house, and they have a little beach area to hang out at and play in the water.
We packed a lunch, lots of snacks, and lots of toys to play at the beach. When we first got there, we were the only ones there. But within an hour or so, quite a few other groups of people had joined us. (Not sure why the pictures are so hazy...maybe my phone was too hot...or I dunno.)

 The kids had a blast filling their buckets up, digging holes, and splashing around.

Then a few hours after we got home from the lake, our power went out due to a semi-truck running into a power pole. Not having a ton of options for dinner without a microwave or stove, we headed to Pizza Pie Cafe for dinner.

It was Will's idea because he wanted to go to the place with the oreo pizza. He has good taste.
Even though it is summer, the kids recently found our box of winter hats and gloves and they have been playing "Christmas". And they really wanted to wear their Christmas things when we went grocery shopping.

They sure know how to make a fashion statement.
Meanwhile, Lance has started a new job within the last week or so. Instead of being in the car rental side of Enterprise, he has switched departments and is now in truck rentals and is working down in West Valley. We are hoping it will be a good move.
And while Lance is away working, I've been trying to stay somewhat busy and not let myself go too crazy. I built some shelves in our shed and totally reorganized. I even got detailed enough that I vacuumed the shed out. It was good because I was able to haul of bunch of stuff outside and clear up some storage space in the house.  I've been trying to de-junk a little bit and get rid of the things we really don't need or use, but I'm apparently not very good at throwing things away.
I wish I could say that we have some super sweet things planned for summer, but as of right now we are just trying to survive. Lance doesn't really get any time off so we are pretty limited in what we can do. Hopefully we can still manage to have a good summer.

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