Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wild West Days

Last Christmas, we planned on taking Will up to Heber City to ride the Polar Express. Apparently, if you don't buy you tickets right away, you wont get to go. I've been telling Will for months that we would go ride the train, there just hasn't been a good time.

On Memorial Day, we were sitting there wondering what to do, so I looked online to see if any trains were going today. It turns out it was Wild West Days. There was a small magic show, a gun fight, and a short train ride complete with train robbers.
There were still some tickets left so we bought them, invited our friend Savannah, and headed up to Heber City.
Will was so anxious to get onto the train. While we were waiting to go aboard, we walked around the train to look at all of the cars. As we got to the front engine, the engineer invited Will to climb up and go look inside. He went in a little ways, before coming back out and saying he was done. I though he would want to go in and look at everything.

We boarded the train and we were off. While we were going, we had a fiddle player stop to play some music, and the sheriff came by asking if we had seen any robbers. About 15-20 minutes into the ride, the train stopped. We were being held up by some robbers.
They came aboard and told everyone to get their hands up. As the sheriff got closer, they hurried to the next car. When the sheriff came, we pointed him in the direction the robbers had gone.
Later, the robbers came back through with a bag of gold, but the police had caught up with them. The robbers were forced to share the gold, and we were all given a chocolate gold coin.

The train turned around and we headed back to the station. Will was very upset because he wanted to keep going into the mountains and he wasn't ready to turn around.

  I wish it would have been a longer ride, though we had fun. Next time, we will have to try the 2-3 hour trip. Will would love it.

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