Sunday, June 14, 2015

Spring Creek Canyon

There is a group in my family that really loves hiking, especially down in Southern Utah. While we were all gathered down there for my Grandpa's funeral, we decided to do a short hike.
My cousin Seth has a little boy named Will who is about 6 months younger than my Will. When I found out Seth was bringing his Will, I decided to take mine as well. So this was Will's first official hike. And it was quite a decent one, for being his first.

The trail was called Spring Creek Trail. I found this description on a website: This is an easy hike into a beautiful slot canyon located just outside the Kolob Canyons area of Zion National Park. It provides a taste of canyoneering in a relatively easy slot, in an area that is accessible. The canyon is little known, overlooked by most hikers, and so you can often find solitude here.

Total Length: About 5.5 miles round trip (Not sure if we went the entire way, but I think it was close)

Every time we would pass a "cool rock" Will wanted to pick it up and carry it with him. He would carry it for a while until he found one he liked better. Then he would drop that one, pick up the next one and proceed on.

And some of these rocks were pretty big!

The trail was fairly easy, steady uphill but not very steep. There was a small river we had to cross several times. Will stopped at every crossing to dip his hand in the water and see it if was really warm at that spot.

There were a couple of tumbles, but the kids bounced right back and no one seemed too affected or hurt by it.

 Parts of the trail were in wide open spaces.
 Other parts we were walking through some thick foilage.

Then a couple of miles into the hike, we reached the slot canyon.

 These two had become great friends during the funeral and they had a ball walking together in the mountains. The two Wills.

 They really enjoyed chilling in this small cave. Will asked if they could take a nap there.

 They were even strong enough to help hold the mountain up and keep it from falling on us all.

 By the last mile or two, these boys were tired. Heck, I was super tired. But they were such good troopers! At one point they were even walking down hand in hand. Will tripped at one point and scrapped his knee and was dragging from that point on. I carried him a little ways but he's just too big and he ended up walking most of the way.

And check out some of these views! 

I really enjoyed the hike. It was fun to spend a little bit more time with some family that we don't get to see often. We got to be outside doing something I enjoy. I got to watch Will experience something for the first time, and I got to see him enjoying something that I love. Guess that means there will be a lot more hiking in our future. Yes!

Great job, Will! I was so impressed and proud of how well you did!

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