Friday, June 12, 2015

Broken Glasses

Do you remember this picture?

This was the first time Blake broke her glasses. It took about a week for her to get them back. Since she didn't have a second pair yet, she just went a week without glasses. We got them back just in time to go to Cedar City. Two days later on our way home, Blake handed me her pieces.

Fortunately, the following day I received a call saying that her second pair had come in. I was super excited about this pair because they seemed to be the ones she really liked when we were trying them on. Plus the ends curl around the ears, so I thought they would stay on better. Turns out they don't. They were a little big and would constantly fall down and sit on the edge of her nose. And she really didn't seem to like them.

I was debating if I should take them in and ask if we could exchange for a different pair, since she seemed to dislike them so much and they weren't fitting quite right. Then Blake brought her glasses to me like this.

Oi! At least this looked like something that could hopefully be fixed and not have to be shipped away. So for the fourth time within a week, I hauled the kids to the glasses store. I received several looks of sympathy.

I thought maybe if I had the right tools I could have fixed this one on my own. But after waiting for them to return them, I'm glad I didn't even try. The screw was somehow wedged in there some way, and it took them over 30 minutes just to figure a way to get it out. Meanwhile, I decided to ask if there was any way that I could trade this pair for a different pair. I ended up getting the same pair as her first ones, but in purple. The only downside was that they were about half the price of the metal pairs and I ended up just eating the cost. Wish I would have known at the beginning.

Getting a bit tired of such frequent trips to this eye place, I decided to go check out Walmart and see what they had to offer. I got Blake a 3rd pair of glasses for about a third of what the other store cost. Another face palm. Why didn't I go there first?!

Anyways, they were extremely helpful and very accommodating. They even told me they would order a few extra frames so if Blake broke them, they could exchange them out that same day. Talk about service!

A week or two later, all 3 pairs of glasses decided to come in within about a day of one another. So she now has a pink and purple pair, and this black pair. And of course, since we finally have a backup pair, Blake hasn't broken a pair of glasses since.
 But I guess if that's what it takes, then that's what you do.

Blake also had a follow-up eye appointment on Monday. He wanted to see her 6 weeks after she started wearing her glasses. He said that she is looking really well. When she is wearing her glasses, her eyes are straightening out. When you take them off, however, they really turn inwards. But that is normal at this point. I was told she looked great, that she needs to continue wearing them full time, and that we would re-evaluate her eyes in 4-6 months.

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