Thursday, September 10, 2015

Summer is Ending

School has started and temperatures have started to drop. Summer is coming to an end. I'm definitely not ready for winter yet, but I am enjoying the cooler temperatures and like the idea of wearing a few more layers. Though it is winding down, we are trying to enjoy it as much as possible and take advantage of being outside while we still can. 

 It's been an odd summer for "yard work". Both Lance and I enjoy doing yard work, but for some reason it just got very neglected this year. After slowly watching the grass in our backyard die and get overtaken with weeds for months, I finally decided to do something about it. When I checked our sprinkler system, one of the main sprinklers had been turned so it was watering only our dirt garden. Think Blake may have had something to do with that. So we've been trying to save our yard and have spent a lot of time doing work out there.

A garden didn't happen for us this year. We intended on planting some things, but just never really got around to doing it. Lance has some big plans for our garden, and one of the things that he has been wanting to do was install a drip system. On Monday, our cousin Gary and his wife Natalie came up and helped to get the drip system in place.

One of our biggest problems was our consistency with our watering and keeping our weeds under control. The drip system should help significantly with both of those. We were able to connect it to our automated system so we can set the timer for when and how long to water. 

While we are doing yard work, the kids are busy being their normal crazy selves.

The kids also enjoy giving their cars a car wash.

Throughout the entire summer, I was looking for a decent pool to purchase. Nothing big or major, I just hate spending $30 on those blow-up pools that seem to pop within a few uses. I never found something that was the right price, and by the time I decided to just get a cheap one to get by for the summer, all of the stores had put them away for the season. We had to improvise.

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