Monday, November 16, 2015

Casino Royale

Saturday night, Enterprise had a party for all of it's employees at the Marriott at City Creek downtown. It was a black-tie event and themed Casino Royale. Guys were encouraged to wear tuxedos and women were supposed to wear formal gowns. 
We dropped all three kids off at Cindy's and made our way downtown to the event. The room was full of tables and chairs, a small dance floor, and card tables. Buffet tables were scattered throughout the room with different types of food from prime rib, cheese sandwiches, little smokies, shrimp cocktail, mashed potato bar, etc. 

Everyone was given raffle tickets to put in a drawing of a gift basket of your choice. They were giving away ski tickets, a PS4, tickets to a jazz game, fitness package, a night stay at the Marriott, etc. Each person was also given 150 poker chips. You could buy more raffle tickets with your poker chips. One hundred poker chips could be exchanged for one raffle ticket. We played Black Jack for a little bit, though both Lance and I played a bit conservative and we walked away about even. 

There was also a fun little photo booth with a ton of dress-up props. 
I was running on only a few hours of sleep from the night before, so we didn't stay until the very end. It was fun to get out for a little while and be around other adults. It was my first time leaving Austin for a long period of time, so I was a little anxious, but she did great. Huge thanks to Cindy for making it possible for us to go. 

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