Monday, December 21, 2015

Still Chugging Along

Blake has had her glasses for many months now, and she has been doing really great. Besides those first few weeks where she was breaking them constantly, she hasn't had any problems. I think she is to the point where she really understands why she is wearing them and she can tell a difference.
One time when I put her into her carseat, I noticed her glasses were filthy so I grabbed them to clean them. I wasn't able to give them back right away because I was driving and couldn't reach her. She started crying "But I want to see! Please give me my glasses. Mom, I want to see!" I felt bad, but it made me realize how much she appreciates them. She wears them constantly, and I have to tell her to take them off when she goes to sleep. 

A couple of weeks ago, she snapped another pair of glasses while we were in the car. I'm not sure what she was doing, but suddenly she handed me her glasses in two pieces. Ignore how dirty they are. I'm clearly not very good at keeping them clean.

Luckily, they are still under warranty and I only had to pay shipping for them to get fixed. Blake didn't understand why I couldn't just fix them. Maybe it was good for her to see them broken and not able to use them for a while. Hopefully it'll prevent her from breaking them again. 

She also had another check-up with her eye doctor to see how she is doing. I thought he was going to dilate her eyes to check if her prescription had changed, but he said it would do that at our next appointment in four months. He said that she is looking good, but it's too early to tell exactly what will happen in the future. These may continue to do the trick, she may have to have bifocals eventually, or he said possibly even surgery (though that's the first I've heard anything about that.) As of now, these glasses are working great and I'm not too worried. 

She gets a lot of compliments on her glasses. I'm so used to seeing her with them, that now it is really strange to see her with them off, especially since once she takes them off her eyes start to cross. I'm glad we are past the hard part of adjusting and hopefully things will just continue to improve. 

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