Friday, February 18, 2011

The Nursery

I have been anxious to post pictures of our nursery for weeks! I told myself that I could post the pictures once I was 30 weeks. I have made pretty much all the bedding and decorations in this room. I knew that once I graduated, I would want some projects to do. So I decided to make everything for our little guy. Unfortunately, once I get started on a project, I work like crazy until I am done. I planned on spending several days, if not weeks on all of the bedding to give me something to do. But I was so excited to have it finished, I sat down for over 8 hours straight, two days in a row and finished it all within two days. And that was even before Christmas! So this post is mainly to show off my craftiness and to get any sort of feedback. I really like what I have done, but any suggestions would be welcome if you think I could make it better.

Perhaps my favorite part of the whole room is the wall I decorated. We have his name displayed on the wall, and I am very excited about how it turned out! We are pretty confident on the name, and I really doubt it will change. That being said, there is always a chance. And if so, I'll just change the letters on the wall. Let me know what you think of it all!

These are the curtains I made.

 This is our changing table. The cupboard on the right opens up and has a place to hang clothes. I made the cover for the changing pad. It is made of the super soft, almost fleece material.

This is a front view of the bedding. The green section is the fitted sheet on the mattress. I actually made the fitted sheet also. The crib sheet is pretty much the same as the curtains, though you can't see a good portion of it because of the wood panel.

I thought this polka-dot pattern would be cute for the inside of the bumpers. I also decided to try something different, in that I put solid sections also. 

This is a view showing all the bedding together. The stripe/blue outside and the polka-dot/brown inside. 

A friend of mine made all of her crib bedding also. I fell in love with the quilt she made, so I decided to copy the general idea. I thought it was super fun, cute, and different from anything you could find in the store. Hers looks much better though. I didn't realize until after I was done that we had even used the exact same stripe material. Even my curtains are very similar to hers. I hope she takes it as a compliment that I thought it was cute enough to do it similar, and not be upset that I copied.

I chose to try something completely different on the back. The middle is that soft-fleece material, then I did the border in all the other materials. I really like how the look turned out. However, it is not made particularly well. I didn't really measure and line things up exactly, so it's not the best quality. 

I had some leftover soft material from the blanket and the changing pad cover, so I decided to throw them together into a small blanket. I don't have my own sewing machine, and I feel bad always asking my mother-in-law to use hers, so I actually decided to sew this entire thing by hand. It was quite a project! I probably could have finished this in less than an hour with a machine, but it took me closer to 10 hours to do it by hand. It helped give me something to do during my graves at work. I'm just worried my hand stitches wont hold for very long. 

This is the car seat cover I made. We don't have a car seat yet, so I just threw it over something to give you the general idea.

Another picture of the car seat cover. Green stripped fabric on the back. It's very bright, but I think it'll be fun for the summer.

And finally....the best of all. Seeing the whole room together, and revealing the name we have chosen.

And he shall be called...
That is right. We have chosen to name our son Will. We are still debating over the middle name and probably wont reveal that until he is born. This was one of the only names we both liked, and once we started talking about it more, it just seemed to fit.

So remember...this is what the room looked like before... and now.....


I doubt that I will add much more to the room. I plan on putting a rocking chair in here, and hopefully it'll fit against the side wall. I think it'll all work out so I don't have to rearrange anything.


  1. I'm so impressed that you MADE all of that! Please teach me when I have a child. The Will wall is super adorable, those frames you put the letters in match perfectly!

  2. SOOO cute! I love it! And SO impressed that you made everything! Talented lady--I had no idea you sewed!

  3. It is SOOO cute Bobbi!! I love all of the stuff you made! I also love the name Will! :) Good choice. You may want to switch the crib and the changing table just in case your window gets broken, you don't want it to fall on your sweet little guy. They usually tell you that at the hospital, but it's easier to fix before you have a baby. Adorable room! I can't wait to see what he looks like!

  4. Of course I'm not mad that you did the same thing!! Your's looks so cute!! And just for your information, the car seat cover works GREAT!! Its the perfect size!!

  5. Wow! Look at you getting all crafty. I love it so much. You did a great job!!! Your next blanket will be more to your liking. Lining up those edges can be a pain. I am so impressed and I love the name. "Will" be be suitable for a son of yours. Now whenever I watch Two Weeks Notice I will think of your little one.