Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Believe That We Will Win....or not.

We drove up to Boise, ID last Friday to spend some time with some family and to go to a football game. The Aggies got invited to the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. It was the first time we've been invited to a bowl game in 18 years. As you can imagine, our school was a bit excited. The second we heard the game was going to be in Boise, we knew we would go. My mom and my brother Tony currently live in Boise so it was a perfect opportunity to see them before Christmas.

We learned two REALLY good lessons during the weekend. Lesson #1: If you plan on using your GPS and have it turned on, enter in your destination BEFORE you leave! We were just driving along and suddenly we were in Malad! We were not supposed to still be on I-15, so we had to turn around and backtrack. We drove over 30 minutes before we realized we had taken a wrong turn. As if the drive wasn't long enough, lets just add another hour to it! Other than sore bottoms, we arrived in Boise fine.
Such a cute picture of Lance and Will :)
The boys were so excited to see us and wanted to show off their new house. Will had a lot of fun watching them play.
They were trying to make Will crawl.
 Happy riding Tyler the horse. That grin on Will's face is super cheesy.

Now it's time to ride Hunter!
My brother Tony and his wife Cindy.
That evening, we all went to Tony's ward Christmas party. They were going to have a Santa Claus so I thought it would be fun to get a picture for Will. There was a ton of food, as well as desserts. We had eaten dinner right before, so we attacked the dessert table. Yum.

Lots of good food!
They let everyone eat and mingle for a while, then they started a Christmas program with musical numbers from the ward. Then they were going to do Santa after the program. At this point it was already 8:30pm and Will was hungry, tired, and therefore not happy. We decided not to wait for Santa and bailed.
On our drive up, our check engine light suddenly came on. I figured it was probably short on oil, so Lance and Tony went and got some before the party. During the party, Lance decided he should put the oil in while it was on his mind and not wait any longer. He poured about 6 quarts of oil in. LESSON #2: Do NOT pour enough oil in until it is overflowing. You have to check it periodically with the dipstick to know when it is full. I'm sure most people know this, but we did not. We're kind of clueless when it comes to cars. Luckily my brother was there and was able to help us out.
Will sure was entertained by the railings by the stairs.
And look at this adorable little rocking chair my mom has! He did so good sitting in it and only tired to nose dive off of it a few times.
Looks pretty relaxed, right?
When we backed it out of the driveway to go to the game, it was smoking way bad. So Tony decided to drive us....also so we didn't have to worry about finding parking. It's a good thing he did, because we barely made it in time. While we were at the game, he took our car to get an oil check so they could drain out the extra oil and make sure everything was alright. If we would have tried driving it home with all that oil in it, we probably would have blew-up the engine. So grateful my brother knew what he was doing and didn't let us drive it.
There was a really good turn-out and TONS of Aggie fans came to support the team. The weather started out pretty nice, but by half-time, it was freezing. Lance's jacket and gloves were in our car and we forgot to grab them. Luckily we had a blanket, or else he would have froze.
 Attempt to grimace from "loud" blow horn.
That green water bottle is now in a trash can at the stadium. They made us throw it away.

Also, this past week I suddenly decided that I wanted to start making some beanies and made some for Lance for Christmas. Then I decided to have it be an early present so he could use it at the game. Very glad we had them to help keep our heads warm.
The game started out great and continued to look good. But as the end of the game approached, it was starting to look a bit scary and suddenly became a nail biter.  We were ahead by 6 at the end of the 4th so a touchdown by them would win the game. And we let them score...with 13 SECONDS LEFT! Talk about heartbreaking!! The entire stadium just stood there speechless. (Most of the stadium was Aggie fans.) As fans, we were used to this outcome this season, but that didn't make it any less painful. No question, we played better football but a few small mistakes (missed field goal) came back to bite us in the butt. Oh well, at least we even got to a bowl game, right?
 The team when they first came out onto the field.
We became friends with that man in the red coat. He and his family drove from Washington. They were really cool. They even gave us most of the doughnuts they bought. 
 We decided to drive home that night so Will would sleep the whole way. About an hour and a half from home we hit really bad fog and could barely see. And being unfamiliar with the road, we really had a hard time telling where we were going. We had to find a semi-truck and follow it. It slowed us down quite a bit and added at least 30 minutes to our drive. We got home at 2am and zonked out.

Even though the game didn't turn out quite as we had hoped, it was still a lot of fun being there. It was also really good to spend some time with family.

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