Saturday, March 24, 2012

Look who's all grown up!

Will's hair has been out of control lately. He's got tons of curls in the back, and on top it is SUPER long. We decided it was finally time for a "real" hair cut. I love his hair, but it simply needed to be cut. Plus with summer and warmer weather coming, I know he'll appreciate having it a bit shorter. And it'll grow fast.

So we snapped some before pictures and headed to Cookie Cutters.
 Check out all of those curls!
 His hair grows so fast. I feel like I just barely trimmed around his ears and they are covered already!
All ready for his cut!

And let me tell you, that place is awesome! The little chairs are adorable, they have a movie going, books to read, etc. Will wont let me get close to his hair so I was expecting chaos. But he did so great! He sat still (for the most part) and didn't cry once. Well, actually he started to cry when we were leaving. I guess he didn't want to go home.

I went a bit camera crazy and probably took over 100 pictures. Haha, so here are a few.
 His face just makes me melt! I have one cute kid!
 So many new and exciting things to see, the last place he wanted to look was me.
 She used clippers on the side, then cut the top with scissors.
 Aren't those seats just the cutest? I want one for home. He would love it.
 Top is wet and ready to be cut.
 Top was so long, it would just curl and fall over.
 Oh those cheeks....I'm in love.
 All finished and wanting to play.
 It looks so precise and neat!

 And here are just a few comparisons of what it was like before and after.
And a few more of the final product.


Isn't he just the most handsome little boy you've ever seen? I love it and I am so happy with how it turned out. My little baby doesn't look like a baby anymore. He's quickly growing out of that stage and looking more and more like a little boy.


  1. SO CUTE!!! I love the little haircut chairs too, why don't they make high chairs like that? Seriously though, way cute hair cut!

  2. He is seriously the cutest thing of my life Bobbi!!! Oh my word. I just want to squeeze him! How was your trip?! I want to see pictures!!

  3. oh my goodness! What a cute little man. I love his long locks, but seriously, his new cut is adorable!!!