Friday, June 22, 2012

When in Greece

On of my father's day gift to Lance was to do a themed date night each month for the next year. Last night was our first date night and we traveled to Athens, Greece.

Our friends Kasey and Ashli also joined us, as it turns out group rates to Greece are cheaper. Once we were packed and ready to go, we jumped on our private jet and were on our way.
First class all the way! I mean, look at all of that leg room! Plus, we were served a bag of peanuts and water. And of course, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" was playing on the big screen. I'm flying first class from here on out.

The flight went super fast and we quickly arrived in Athens where we hoped in a cab to go find some food. Here were some of our options:
Lance and I both went with the Gyro (pronounced yee-ro) plate. It had a gyro, some fries, and some salad with some Greek dressing. It was actually pretty good.

Once our bellies were satisfied, it was time to get dressed in more appropriate attire. The boys were not thrilled about our costumes at all, especially when they found out we would be walking the neighborhood, but they were good sports and wore them anyways.
 Kasey not super thrilled about his outfit. Haha.
 Will was pretty grumpy the whole time, hence the binki.
Kasey and Ashli before the war.

We figured since the Olympics originally started in Greece, and they are soon taking place, that we needed to do a few competitions of our own.

Competition #1: Water fight

For our first war, we had a water fight. But it wasn't your typical water fight. You see, all of our water had red koolaid and red food coloring in them, and all of their water was blue. That way, the color would show up on our togas and you'd be able to tell who won.

 Our home base and stash of weapons.
Kasey and Ashli preparing for battle
We had water balloons, water guns, and those spear looking things, which were actually probably the most effective.
Will liked playing with the spear, and he loved throwing our balloons in the grass. I think he popped a good portion of them before our war even started.
Doesn't Will look adorable in his little toga? Unfortunately he was NOT interested in letting me get a good picture.

Will and Lance after the battle.
Both sides fought hard until ammunition ran out. It turns out, blue koolaid doesn't show up nearly as well as red, so it wasn't as noticeable as I was hoping. But it was still really fun and we were pretty wet and sticky by the end.

Competition #2: Bocci Balls

We played Bocci Balls for our second olympic game. If you've never heard of it, basically you have one small "target" ball that you throw/toss. Then each team has some balls that you try to get as close to the target ball as possible. Closest one gets a point.

 They definitely have their game faces on.
 Don't worry, we brought our too.
 And then we decided to beat each other up...yeah...
To throw or not to throw, that is the question.

Kasey and Ashli beat us in Bocci, but I think we won the water fight.

By this point, Will was being very difficult and we decided to head home and get him to bed.

 Will was super thirsty by the time we got home.

Once Will was down for bed, we finished our olympic games with some Mario Kart races. We got some Greek Doughnuts made, but Kasey and Ashli had to leave before we were able to finish them. Here is a picture of them.
They are covered in a honey glaze and topped with cinnamon. We had some issues cooking them that involved exploding oil and a small fire on our stove, but otherwise they turned out ok. They weren't amazing, but they weren't bad either.

And lastly, just because he's so adorable:


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