Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blake's Blessing

Blake Nicole Hinton was blessed by her father, Lance, on April 14, 2013 in Logan, UT. It was a great weekend filled with family and friends.
My mom, Cindy, and Kim came up to Logan early on Saturday to hang out. We had been planning on spending most of the day outside at the park, but because the weather was a bit crummy we were forced to stay inside.

My mom is awesome and spent most of the day baking cookies and other goodies for our lunch the following day. We made cookies, rice crispies, cupcakes, cake balls, etc.

After being cooped up in my tiny house most of the day with 6+ kids, we were anxious to get out for a bit. We went over to the fun park and played on the playground for a while. Will absolutely loves it and would probably stay for hours if I let him.

I usually absolutely hate having one o'clock church, but for once it was kind of nice. We were able to finish a few last minute preparations as well as take our time getting ready. In the end, we were still rushed and almost late to church. Lance's family had arrived on time and were sitting on the benches while me and the rest of my family were back in the overflow on chairs. I felt bad that we hadn't arrived early enough to allow everyone to sit together.
All of the grandkids on the Hinton side. Good looking bunch, don't you think?
Lance did an amazing job on the blessing. I was a little worried that he would rush it and maybe not say everything he wanted, but he did so well.
Blake was told how much her Father in Heaven loves her, as well as her earthly parents. She was blessed with a desire to learn and seek for knowledge. She was also blessed with confidence. She was blessed that one day she would find a worthy young man who would take her to the temple. She was blessed with the ability to overcome trials and reminded to look to her Father in Heaven in her efforts to do so.
After church, everyone was invited over to Lance's parents house to mingle and eat. We had sandwiches, several different salads, and of course all the treats my mom had made. I hadn't seen most of my family since Christmas, so it was really nice to catch up a bit and see everyone. Unfortunately several of our siblings weren't able to make it. We missed them and are anxious for the next time we will see them.

 Blake was blessed in the same dress that I was blessed in. I'm so grateful that my mom held onto the dress for all of these years. Once I knew we were having a girl, I knew that I wanted her to be blessed in the same dress. The dress was made by my aunt Jill over 24 years ago. It meant a lot to me to see her in my dress and she looked absolutely beautiful. And no, your eyes are not deceiving you, the dress isn't white and never was. It was originally off white, but has yellowed a little more throughout the years.

Because it is almost Will's birthday, we decided to also do a little something for Will at the lunch gathering. I knew that we weren't likely to get family back up to Logan for his actual birthday, so we just celebrated while everyone was already in town.

Last minute, I decided to make him this lego cake. I have never decorated a cake before, so it was a little daunting and I was scared it was going to turn out terribly. But I think it turned out quite well and I was pretty proud of it.
 Will was all smiles while everyone was singing "Happy Birthday" to him. I think he rather enjoyed being the center of attention.
 He tried to blow out the candles, but he would hardly blow any air out. So Lance had to help him.

 He wasn't quite sure what the bright blob was on his plate, and he wasn't the biggest fan of the cake. I think he would have been much more excited about it if it had been chocolate. (He is my son, after all.)
Blake didn't make a sound during the blessing and she was so good all day long. She looked so beautiful and we are so grateful to have her in our lives. 


Special thanks to:
Scott and Sharon for letting us use their house as a gathering place. as well as providing most of the food.
My mom for spending all day Saturday baking.
And everyone who showed up to support us.

It meant a lot of have so many family and friends there and we really appreciate everyone that took the time to come. We love you all.

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