Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Will!

Dear Will,

You are now two years old and such a big boy. You are so full of life and have the cutest little personality. You bring so much joy to your parents lives as well as everyone around you. You love to learn and pick up new things every day. You love to play, read books, and anything and everything outside. You are such a copycat and have to be just like mom and dad. You do some pretty goofy things that constantly keep us laughing. We love you so much and are so grateful for you.

Happy Birthday, Will!

Will turned two on April 26th. I was originally planning on having a little play date at the park and inviting all the neighbor kids over for cupcakes or something, but that didn't happen. Hopefully next year I'll get more ambitious for him and actually throw him a decent party or something. This year, it was just too expensive and time consuming to plan something, especially when he's so young and probably wont really remember. Next year it is!

The day before his birthday, we took Will to the store and let him pick out a toy that he would want. I thought that once we got out to the car and I hid it in the trunk he would forget about it. But he remembered and begged me to get his truck out of the car for a while.

After he went to bed, we blew up balloons, hung some streamers, and set out his presents.

As usual, he was up around 6am. We took him out to see his toys and sang him "Happy Birthday". He really likes that song and loves when you sing it to him. And he was pretty excited about his toys. 
 He was pretty interested in the streamers and had fun ripping them all off of the wall later that day.
 For some reason, he likes to throw that small colorful ball over our back fence into our neighbor's yard. Then he says "lost". They have given it back once, but it was over in their yard again within the same hour. He has also tried throwing our basketball over, but luckily it is too big and heavy and he can't throw it that high.
 This is one of the trucks that he chose. I probably would've picked something completely different, but he was pretty adamant about this one. The yellow lever on the side pushes the yellow part out on the front or pulls it back in.
 I got this cheap black truck from the family dollar. Will likes it, but he gets upset that the doors don't open and that the tailgate doesn't drop down. When I was buying it, I didn't even think about those kinds of things.
 Looking studly in his Hulk jammies.
 I am currently working on his "2 Year" post, but it is taking quite a bit of time. Hopefully I'll have it posted within a few days, so stay tuned for that one. It's going to be a long one.

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