Sunday, May 5, 2013

Two Years Old

Weight: 30 lbs 6 oz - 78%
Length: 35.25 inches - 75%
Head Circumference: 50.25 cm - 87%

This handsome little guy is 2 years old! Part of me thinks it's crazy that he is already two. Didn't we just celebrate his first birthday? Yet another side of me marvels that he is only two. He talks really well and is so smart that I'm often amazed that he barely turned two.

When he gets angry, he starts to stomp his feet really fast and does a little tantrum dance. Often it includes throwing his head back, and because he had such a large noggin, it sometimes throws him off balance and he'll fall backwards.
Will tries to repeat anything and everything anyone says, and he can say most words. Some are more articulate than others, but most are at least understandable.
He is such a little copycat. If you ask him a question, instead if answering, he will repeat the question. If I'm doing my workout video, he tries to do it with me. He likes pushups, jumping, situps, etc.
He thinks it's funny to climb into our bed and pretend to go to sleep. He even pretends to snore.
One of his favorite foods is still vegetables. He also eats a lot of chicken, pasta, fruit, pizza, and ramen noodles.

It seems he doesn't really like mixing textures or eating things in layers, such as sandwhiches. He will eat grilled cheese, but he doesn't like PB & J, or hamburgers, or other sandwhiches. He will eat meat and bread, but not when you put them together.

Like mentioned in my Doctor Mania post, Will had a few really rough days being sick. He had a runny nose basically all winter long, a nasty cough that lasted about a week or so, then periods of really high fever. Those days were rough, but often filled with cuddles.
He is becoming very helpful in many ways, but especially with Blake. He likes to give her her binky when she's upset, or feed her a bottle, or grab me things when I'm busy helping her.

One of his favorite chores is laundry. Will loves helping with laundry. He will load the washer, switch all clothes to the dryer, then unload dryer when done. On top of that, he even tries to help me fold the laundry, though he still needs to work on that one.    

One day, I was busy doing something and went into my room to find Will in one of our laundry baskets.

Lance and Will have a little game where Will tries to find Lance (by getting Lance to show his eyes).  So Lance will cover his eyes with his hands and Will will go move his hands off of his eyes. Then when he sees Lance has his eyes closed, Will pats and rubs Lance's hair to get him to open his eyes. We have no idea where he decided rubbing sometimes head is how you get them to open their eyes, but it's funny none the less.
Will loves being outside (that sure hasn't changed)! He especially loves going to the park. He has to spend a decent amount of time on the swing, then he'll usually go play on the slides. But eventually he usually makes his way back to the swings.
Will has graduated to the "big boy" swing now, though often he still prefers the baby swing so he can swing higher and doesn't have to hang on so much. He has fallen off the normal swing more than once. Though just a few days ago, while he was swinging pretty high, he let go with one hand to point at an airplane. His feet came up pretty high, and I thought for sure he was going to back flip off onto his face. But somehow he managed to hang on with his one hand and pull himself back up. I'm still baffled as to how he did it.
The winter was really rough at times because we couldn't play outside. So we found something else to get us out of the house, the Jump Zone. Best part was that Will was free and I didn't have to pay to get in. It was a great way for Will to run off some energy and to get us out of the house.

He loves to play in the car and climb into the front seat. If we leave the doors unlocked,  he will likely climb inside. There has been more than once when I've lost track of him to find he had sneaked outside and climbed into the car (parenting FAIL!). Needless to say, we now lock our doors more and put child proof looks on front door so he can't escape.
Will loves singing songs with hand actions. Some of his favorites are popcorn popping, the itsybisty spider, pat a cake, five little monkeys, etc. He follows along with the actions and always wants one more song.

I was also surprised on day when he started singing along to some of the songs.
He is starting to learn his alphabet and can identify a few letters. He knows what O, L, A, S, and R look like. He can say all the letters, and is now learning what they look like.
Will wakes up between 6-7am every morning, though usually closer to six. Then he usually wants breakfast right away. After that, I usually turn on PBS and let him watch a few shows while I'm all but passed out on couch. It may not be the "ideal situation" letting him watch tv every morning, but sometimes is the only way I am able to survive.

Even if he has a long nap, Will is always super grumpy after he wakes up.
His absolute favorite show is Super Why. He loves loves loves it. It's a decent show for learning so I'm ok with him watching it. It has helped him even more with his letters and gets him excited about something.

When I'm am in Will's way, he will say "Excuse me, Will". Or when he does something good, he will say "Thank you, Will."

We finally took his binky away for good a few weeks ago and it has gone surprisingly well. In fact, it has been awesome. The only bad effects I've noticed is he likes to chew/suck on other things. For a while, he would suck on the sleeve of his shirt. But now that he's wearing short sleeve shirts, he has been sucking in his fingers a lot lately. I hate it, but I'm not sure how to get it to stop.

If I ask Will for a kiss, but turn my head last minute, he will grab my head with both hands and force me to kiss him.
He is such a little climber, and if there is something he wants that he can't reach, he will find a way to get it. Whether it's dragging a chair over, finding a toy to climb on, or using something to grab it, he usually manages to get it.

He still has his strange fascination with light switches and insists on playing with them almost all day long. I thought it was a phase he would grow out off, but he sure isn't.
Will already knows quite a bit about technology. He can unlock my phone, find the camera, and take hundreds off useless pictures. Or he will find the games I downloaded for him. One of his favorite game is this car game where you click on the type of vehicle and it tells you what it is. He can identify all of then. Now when we drive around town, he will point out different cars, like truck, motorcycle, bicycle, tractor, semi truck, etc. But his absolute favorite is school buses. He loves seeing school buses and yells for them the whole car ride.

Whenever I yell for Lance while home, Will starts yelling for Lance too and repeating whatever I had asked.
He knows where Lance works, and whenever we drive past Walmart, he will point and say, "Daddy work".

Will sometimes takes things and will run away from you when you try to get them back. Then when you are just about close enough to grab it from him, he will turn and throw it.

Will loves to brush his teeth. It may be another of his favorite things to do. I can often get him to do something he doesn't want by bribing him with brushing teeth after.

Lately Will likes to put a blanket over his big toy car and hide from us. And anytime he is upset or gets hurt, the first thing he wants is his blanket. Luckily, he isn't attached to a single one, just any blanket in general.
He still loves jumping off the couch onto the love sac. Though after a few times of me pushing him off, he decided he likes me to push him, or at least pretend I'm going to.

He also enjoys taking the cushions off of the couch and jumping on them.
We've had a hard time getting Will to stay in bed. I used to drag him back to bed 20-30 times a night  kicking and screaming. It was exhausting and time consuming. We finally decided to get child locks on his door so he couldn't leave his room and let him cry. Most nights he climbs up after us as we leave his room, then he would lay down in front on his door and cry for a bit. He puts his head right by the gap and screams. Usually it lasts less than ten minutes before he falls asleep. Then when Lance gets home from work, he'll go in and put him back in bed. Sometimes I feel bad, but it has been such a lifesaver and made our lives so much easier. He is even starting to climb back into his bed by himself after a while.

He is getting pretty good at identifying animals and which noises they make.

For some reason, he doesn't like the sound I make for a horse and he gets upset when I do it.
He has so much energy, he is hardly ever still for more than a few seconds. He plays hard all day long, constantly going from one activity to another.
His hair has grown so much and I really love how it looks longer. But I felt it was getting a little too long, so I cut it all off a few days ago. It's amazing how much a simple hair cut can change the look of someone. I miss his hair, but his hair grows so fast it'll be that long again in no time.

Will sure loves his daddy. And they have many different games that they enjoy playing with one another. Whenever Lance lays on his stomach on the ground, Will immediately climbs on, hoping for a ride.

Will is becoming super independent and wants to do most things for himself. Lately, he has been wanting to dress himself. Though for the first little while, he had a really hard time of it.
He is getting much better at getting his pants on, and is now mastering how to get his socks and shoes on. He has a few pairs that he has managed to get on (not any that tie, of course). But one thing I have noticed a lot this past week is that he will often only put a shoe on his left foot. Then he will walk around forever with just that one shoe on.

Will has started saying his own prayers (with help). He will repeat what I tell him to say.
Will loves playing with other kids, and he especially likes when his cousins come to visit or when we go visit them. (Mostly, I think he just likes playing with all the new and different toys.)
As you can see, Will is just full of life and personality. There are so many quirky things that he does, but be sure love this goofy little boy!
Happy Birthday, Will!

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