Monday, April 22, 2013

2 Months

Weight: 9 lbs 10 oz - 17%
Head Circumference: 39.5 cm - 66%
Length: 22.5" - 51%
Blake had her two month appointment today, and she is doing great. Will gained weight pretty quickly the first few months, so I expected something similar with her. He was already over 13 pounds at this point! So it'll be interesting to see how she compares in the coming months.

 For a while, I felt like Blake wasn't really changing or progressing that much. Then suddenly she started smiling, eating more, spitting up less, and all sorts of good stuff.

Blake was pretty sick for about a week. During that time, I took her to the doctor twice because I was concerned she wasn't getting enough to eat. She had a really bad cough, and it caused her to spit her food up all day long. She would projective vomit what seemed like gallons of milk. Even if we only feed her a teaspoon of milk, she would spit of massive amounts. Every single time. This lasted about 2-3 days. She lost around half a pound during that time. Yet she continued to have wet diapers and never seemed dehydrated, so we were told to simply wait it out and hope she got better. Fortunately it wasn't reflux or something more permanent or longer lasting. She caught some virus from Will and now that it is gone, she hardly spits up, and when she does it is in very small amounts.

Tired after a week of sick kids.

While she is more alert and awake more throughout the day, she still sleeps a lot. I've been surprised with how much she is still sleeping, but I am not complaining.

 I finally feel like we are getting into a routine at night. I try to keep her awake between about 7-9 pm. Then top her off with food and put her in bed. Lately she has been sleeping until around 4am. Then its a quick feeding and back to sleep until about 8am. (Now if only we could get Will to sleep in past 6am!) Occasionally she will wake up around 1am, but I've learned either she'll fall back asleep on her own, or she likes a binky.

Blake likes to be swaddled while she sleeps. If she manages to get a hand/arm free, I have to re-wrap her or she'll never get back to sleep.

She is still currently sleeping in a pack n play in our room. I desperately want to get her either into our office or finally into her crib in Will's room. I worry I wont be able to hear her so far away and I worry about disturbing Will. Guess he's going to have to get used to it.

Her hair is starting to come in more and it is getting lighter. I really hope her hair ends up as thick as Will's. He has beautiful hair that any girl would be jealous of.

She has pretty crazy eyebrows and does all sorts of things with them, especially when she gets excited.

She eats a 4 oz. bottle every couple of hours.

Within the past few days, I have noticed her trying to talk with cooing noises.

She still fits into newborn clothes, though some of them are starting to get a little snug. They fit fine around, its mostly lengthwise that is tight.

She is smiling a lot more and loves when people talk to her. It has been difficult to get a picture of her smiling, because the second the camera comes out, she can't take her eyes off of it. And typically its just a blank, hard stare at the camera. Usually my phone works best because it isn't as large or noticeable.

Sometimes when she smiles, I see an exact replica of Lance. They both do this goofy little half smile some of the time.

She has really long hands and feet. I wonder if she is going to be tall.

She is starting to get a double chin and has some small rolls in her legs.

She is wearing size 1 diapers, though they are a bit big on her. I was afraid to buy more newborn because I expected her to grow faster.

We have been very blessed to have such a good little baby. I am excited to watch her continue to grow and see what changes occur.

She's so beautiful and we just love her!

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